Guild Wars




Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Europe Match 8 Report

RUS Corp (3) vs. The Valandor (2)
Battle #1 in The Valandor’s Guild Hall (Frozen Isle)

RUS build: Mixed 3-monk
Val build: Heavy Warrior and Ranger

  • At the outset, both teams headed straight for the flag stand and put the pressure on each other. Val scored the first kill three minutes in and pushed RUS back, giving them a morale boost.
  • As they pressed onward toward RUS’s base, they sneaked in several more kills before RUS respawned.
  • At this point, RUS pushed back hard and scored a few kills against Val’s Monks, forcing the enemy out of their base.
  • Not content to sit back and take it, Val shoved back and rushed, earning a few kills in the process.
  • The action was heavy, though neither team scored a morale boost for quite some time. Val racked up the body count and forced RUS back home, where they got to work hammering away at RUS’s NPCs.
  • It was only a matter of time before RUS’s NPCs fell alongside defeated teammates. Once the playing field was littered with the bodies of the fallen, Val took down the Guild Lord.

Victor: The Valandor

RUS Corp (3) vs. The Valandor (2)
Battle #2 in RUS Corp’s Guild Hall (Burning Isle)

RUS build: Heavy Elementalist
Val build: Mixed with Heavy Warriors

  • Val and RUS immediately clashed in the middle, with Val gaining a morale boost early on.
  • RUS took a few losses but managed to hold their ground, scoring a kill on the opponent in the process.
  • Minutes later, Val forced RUS back to their base, hammering away at NPCs and opposing team members with extreme aggression. With the heat turned up high, RUS was forced to take a defensive stance to hold their ground in favor of going after the flag.
  • Val cycled their characters so as not to stack up death penalties. They absorbed numerous casualties but spaced them out evenly.
  • The constant pressure increased to critical levels as RUS lost a handful of archers, but they maintained solid composure and kept their bodyguards alive.
  • Victory or Death was triggered and Val retreated to the lava pools, forcing NPCs to fight on dangerous ground. This tactic proved fatal for RUS; they quickly lost every NPC before Val eliminated their remaining players—and ultimately the Guild Lord.

Victor: The Valandor