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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Korean Match 4 Report

War Machine (1) vs. Team Union (4)
Battle #1 Warrior Isle

WM build: Ranger Spike
Uni build: Split

  • Uni scored a few kills early in the match, and gained a morale boost shortly thereafter.
  • WM applied the pressure on Uni, forcing them back into their home base and keeping them on the defensive.
  • After suffering a few casualties, Uni slipped a small team out the side at the 16-minute mark and headed to WM's base with the intention of removing some enemy NPC. Despite their efforts, they suffered some losses of their own.
  • During their opponent's raid, WM used this opportunity to finish off their enemy's Guild Lord for the win.

Victor: War Machine

War Machine (1) vs. Team Union (4)
Battle #2 Druid Isle

WM build: Split
Uni build: Ranger Spike

  • WM headed straight for the flag.
  • WM faked out Uni and rushed over the Seed Bridge, targeting Uni's NPCs with blinding speed.
  • Uni's Monk swung back to defend, but was too late as WM dropped both bodyguards and a few archers in the process.
  • Uni's movement over the bridge was blocked by two WM warriors, who held Uni at bay.
  • WM split up and harassed their opponent from both sides, forcing Uni to go on the defensive.
  • Both teams traded blows, with WM taking down numerous Uni NPCs.
  • Uni took heavy casualties when WM attacked their enemy from the front and rear.
  • WM continued the assault and forced Uni back into their base, where their rival watched in horror as WM assassinated their Guild Lord.

Victor: War Machine