Guild Wars




Match Report - Taiwan vs. Hong Kong in Exhibition Match

Teams from Taiwan and Hong Kong met in an exhibition match on stage at the Taipei Game Show. Both teams ran an IWAY build. Both teams headed directly to the center and there was an extended period of fighting, after which Hong Kong took the advantage.

Shortly afterwards, Taiwan regained its composure and pushed Hong Kong back to its own base. Hong Kong resurrected and regrouped, and pushed Taiwan back to the center. Hong Kong scored some major kills on Taiwan, and depleted Taiwan's Resurrection Signets.

Taiwan tried to return the attack, but Hong Kong controlled the Flag Stand and had Res Sigs to spare, so they continued to remain in the lead. Hong Kong continued killing Taiwan until the majority of the Taiwan team was DP'd out, and then killed Taiwan's Guild Lord at the about the 18 minute mark.

Hong Kong is now set to meet the winner of the GWWC in The Taipei Challenge, which will take place in a few hours.