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Guild Wars World Championship Winner

2006 Guild Wars World Champions
The Last Pride (EvIL)

EvIL Wins!

Congratulations to The Last Pride!

The ArenaNet Team, NC Taiwan, and the entire NCsoft family congratulate The Last Pride on their victory in the Guild Wars World Championship. The Last Pride showed excellent gameplay during their games and earned themselves a well-deserved place in history with their victory.

The first match between EvIL and WM was a heated match that involved massive amounts of fighting at the Flag Stand and numerous slaughters of Monks. The battle was close early on, with the fight switching from The Last Pride's base to the Flag Stand, and eventually to War Machine's front door. As the fight wore on, EvIL began to gain ground at a steady pace, and stormed into WM's base, taking down their Guild Lord for the win just past the 25 minute mark.

The second battle between The Last Pride and War Machine proved to be even more pitched than the first. For War Machine, everything was on the line here - and they fought fiercely to come back from their previous loss. The Last Pride, propelled by their victory, continued to play strongly. Despite War Machine's best efforts, they could not keep up with EvIL's onslaught. EvIL pushed into War Machine's base and executed their Guild Lord, bringing the match to an authoritative close at 25:47.