Guild Wars




Guild Wars 2006 World Championship Bracket

Guilds will be placed in the bracket according to their seeding, with the highest rated competing guild from the region seeded #1, the second highest rated guild seeded #2, and so on.

The Regional Playoffs will consist of four rounds, with match-ups determined by seeding.

The top four guilds will receive a bye in the first round.

Guild Wars World Championship Mechanics

Over two days (February 17th & 18th, 2006), the World Championship is played in three rounds of guild battles involving the Regional Champions and Regional Runner-ups. These guilds are seeded according to the guild ratings of the regional champions. The top two seeds receive first-round byes. The match-ups are as follows:

  • C1: Regional champion with the highest guild rating
  • C2: Regional champion with the second-highest guild rating
  • C3: Regional champion with the lowest guild rating
  • R1: Regional runner-up from C1's region
  • R2: Regional runner-up from C2's region
  • R3: Regional runner-up from C3's region

Regional Guild Wars Tournament Mechanics

Match Structure:

Each match will consist of the best two out of three games.

The first battle of a match will take place in the guild hall of the higher seeded team (home field advantage).

The second battle will take place in the guild hall of the lower seeded opponent.

The third battle (if needed) will again take place in the guild hall of the higher seeded guild hall.

Guilds may not change guild halls between battles of a round. Once a guild hall is selected, that same guild hall must be used for each battle in a match.

Time Structure:

Any team that fails to appear for their match— i.e., a team that does not qualify, a team that isn’t ready to play at the scheduled start of a game, or isn’t ready to play the next game by 15 minutes after the end of the previous game—will be subject to forfeiture of that game. ArenaNet personnel will make the final decision concerning any disqualification.

Characters Allowed:

Only players (and accounts) on a guild's Tournament Roster may participate in the Regional Playoffs.

Players may use Role Playing or PvP-Only characters. They may use any items their characters legally can use in game.

Guilds may switch players or switch or modify characters, but must do so using their single, tournament-qualified game account between games and must be ready to start the next game at the scheduled time.

If a guild cannot field a full team of eight players, they may choose to play with fewer than eight players, and may fill empty slots with Guild Wars computer-controlled henchmen.