Guild Wars




Guild Wars World Championship - Ineligible Guilds

The following Guild Wars Guilds have declared themselves ineligible for participation in the Guild Wars World Championship, due to membership in the guild by one or more ArenaNet or NCsoft employee or a family member of an employee:

  • Holy Hand Grenade League
  • Island Of The Misfit Toys
  • Knights Who Say Ni
  • Nerf Herders
  • Pick Up Group
  • Scorpion Lords Of Doom
  • The Black Stuff
  • Zealots Of Shiverpeak
  • Twisp And Catsby
  • Assaulted Peanut
  • The Lotus Alliance
  • The Fianna
  • Sanctuary of Ascalon North East
  • Ktmao Fish Fish
  • Team Notwehr
  • Urban Knights
  • Random Ascalon Fools
  • 치 The Spearmen 치
  • Angry Businessmens
  • Xen of Sigils