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Guild Wars Hero Battle Ladder

The Hero Battle Ladder displays the top 1,000 players. This ranking is derived through a weighted win/loss record. Every battle considers the strength and ranking of the competing players to produce a rating change afterwards. See below for the rankings of the top players, and check back regularly. The Hero Battle Ladder is a dynamic list, and you never know who you might see at the top!

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Understanding the Hero Battle Ladder

This ladder displays the results of Hero Battle combat. After each match, a player receives a rating change based on whether the player won or lost. This rating change affects that player's rank. Currently, the ladder shows the global rank and rating of the top 1,000 players. The player at the top of the ladder with rank #1 has the highest rating in the world.

Main Ladder

This page shows the top players, sorted by rank (the default setting). Each player has a green, up arrow or red, down arrow beside the name, indicating whether that player has recently gained or lost rank. You can sort this page in different ways, display more players at a time, and even search for a specific player.

Player Statistics

When you click on a player's name, you will see a separate webpage for that player. That page shows a graph of the player's rank over time and historical data of previous ladder standings.

Q.P. (Qualifying Points)

High finishing guilds and individuals can earn qualifier points (QPs) in daily automated tournaments. At the end of each season, guilds and individuals that have earned at least 20 QPs earn an invitation to compete in the monthly playoffs for that season for real world prizes.