Discover exotic Embark Beach, a brand-new outpost in the Battle Isles! Adventure with other characters from your account with the new Mercenary Hero slots! Fight side-by-side with seven Heroes in your party! It’s all part of our latest update, Destination: Embark Beach!

Chart a Course

The Zaishen Order has kept this secret tropical location in the Battle Isles hidden from outsiders – until now! Embark Beach is a scenic, full-service beachfront outpost that offers a variety of service and merchant NPCs to cater to your character’s needs. From Embark Beach, your party can travel together to any destination in any Guild Wars campaign or expansion that they’ve purchased. It’s the perfect place to embark on an adventure!

Mercenary Heroes

Need some companions for your travels? Fight alongside other characters on your account with our new Mercenary Heroes, available in the In-Game Store and NCsoft Store.

When you purchase a Mercenary Hero slot you can “hire” any level 20 character on your account to travel with you as a Hero. When you purchase a Mercenary Hero slot, you can create a custom Hero that keeps your character’s name, profession, appearance, and whatever armor or costume they’re equipped with. Once you’ve purchased a Mercenary Hero slot, you just speak to one of the new Mercenary Registrar NPCs in all major towns. Create your own unique, customized party with Mercenary Heroes today!

Other Features

Embark Beach and Mercenary Heroes aren’t the only new additions in the latest update. Here are the highlights:

Want to Learn More?

Check out Live Team Lead John Stumme’s detailed Developer Update Notes for more information about the details of the Destination: Embark Beach update. See you on the beach!

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