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Latest Guild Wars Events

ArenaNet, NCsoft and the Guild Wars team take part in various industry-related events over the course of every year. But aside from industry events such as E3 and various trade shows, the Guild Wars Team is also directly involved with the fans. This section will share recent news of our fan-related events, contests, and other activities.

Travel with the Wayfarer! 22 August 2013

In order to best appreciate where you are, you need to reflect on where you've been. Before the spirit of adventure pulls you forward, join in the Wayfarer's Reverie and rejoice in how far you've come! Starting at noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on August 25, the spirit of celebration will stretch across the land. Wayfarer's Marks begin dropping and a whole stack of weekly bonuses all go into effect, simultaneously spurring you toward greater achievements.

In addition, find the festival coordinator on each continent and start a quest to prove your adventuring prowess. Collect enough evidence of your travels and receive a special gift from Fylinn, Sworn to Winds, in Embark beach. Go, walk a little farther, and may the spirit of the Wayfarer go with you!

Check the event page for more information.

Join the Anniversary Celebration! 25 July 2013

Just can't wait till Wintersday? Starting at noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on July 24, you won't have to. It's time for Wintersday in July! A shaved-down version of the full winter celebration, you'll be able to stock up on seasonal treats and jump into Snowball Arena. Just talk to a Wintersday Priest in one of the major Tyrian outposts and get ready to duck! For more information on this weeklong event, check the event page.

Come Celebrate with the Empire of the Dragon! 27 June 2013

The Dragon Festival is almost upon us and Cantha is ready to roll out the red carpet. Starting June 27th, at noon Pacific (-7 GMT), Kaineng Center and Shing Jea Monastery will be decorated for the festivities. In addition, holiday items will start dropping across the land. With every day that follows, the party heats up: On the 28th, Shing Jea Boardwalk opens. Three days of historical reenactments kick off June 29th, leading up to the Emperor's special visit every two hours on July 1st. For the full calendar of events, visit the event page.

In keeping with changes to Guild Wars events, the Dragon Festival is now a full week long. Even though the historical reenactments end after Emperor Kisu's final visit on July 1st, the decorations, drops, and games will carry right through till noon on July 4th. Plenty of time to stock up on bottle rockets, gorge on red bean cakes, and collect enough victory tokens for your pick of festival hats. The celebration is about to start; all it needs now is you!

Canthan New Year is almost here! 24 January 2013

Check out the Canthan New Year Festival and explore all of the fun activities we have planned. This year, the festival will be extended to a full week, beginning on Thursday, January 31 at noon Pacific (GMT -8) and ending on Thursday, February 7 at noon Pacific (GMT -8). The event will culminate on Wednesday, February 6 with the traditional festivities in Shing Jea Monastery.

The adjustments to Canthan New Year mark the beginning of a few time and schedule changes to Guild Wars in-game events. Specifically, all major events will be extended to run for a week or longer, and they will be put on a fixed schedule. In some cases this will shift when event finales happen, but highly anticipated events like Halloween and Wintersday already fall on the same date annually and therefore won’t change. Looking to the future, you will be able to enjoy events for longer and can plan to attend without wondering when the events will occur.

Wintersday is Coming! 7 December 2012

We’ve got loads of holiday quests, fun activities, and special rewards planned this year! The festivities run from December 13, 2012 through January 2, 2013. Find out more at our Guild Wars Wintersday event page!

Halloween is Coming! 18 October 2012

Halloween is coming to Guild Wars on October 19. This means 13 days of mischief and mayhem in Tyria, courtesy of Mad King Thorn and his Lunatic Court! The Halloween festival starts on Fridaday, October 19, at noon Pacific daylight time (-7 GMT) and runs until November 2nd at 1 a.m. Pacific daylight time (-7 GMT). This year you’ll again be able to dress up in the Halloween-themed costumes and enjoy the festive events! Monsters will drop their usual festive items and you’ll also be able to obtain one of the festival hats of past thanks to the popular Festival Hat NPCs in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan. And there are other treats! Once more, Mad King Thorn will appear on October 31st to entertain you... or be entertained! Head over to the Halloween 2012 page for all the details!