Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - Battle of the Guilds

Chubbuck, Idaho, United States

The air was silent and all was still as we anticipated the sound of war. There was no wildlife to be seen, not even the meek chirp of a bird. As we all waited anxiously there was only one word running through our mind, “Victory.”

War cries rang throughout the battlefield as we charged to claim the guard tower. Maseth Enix, our guild leader, promptly picked up our guild flag and took up the back as we charged forth to meet the unknown enemy. As we came closer and closer to meeting our foes and uncertain death we became instantaneously frozen.

Their guild cape struck fear in our eyes, the Kaaos Gods stood before us. Both of us were at a stand off waiting to see who would make the first move.

Sincere Rhetoric ran over to Maseth and asked of our battle plans. Maseth powerfully replied, "Attack and take control of the guard tower, we cannot allow them to take control of this battlefield!"

There was determination and confidence in his voice as he shouted orders. We all had faith in our leader as countless times before he had led us to victory against death itself. We were determined to not let them take control of the guard tower. We were sprinting forward and, as we approached, we were startled to see that our opponents had already advanced towards the guard Tower and claimed it as their own.

Maseth barked out new orders to every member of our legion as we had to claim the Guard Tower for our own. There was no alternative.

The Guard Tower did not hold as there defenses could not counter our attacking force. We pushed on like ravaging beasts looking to completely obliterate our enemy. Death was on our pallet and we wanted more. Pushing inch by inch through their defenses we forced them into their Guild Hall.

With the war raging on, Maseth ran the flag bearing our Guild colors to the Guard Tower and took command of it. Whilst our Guild flag was being hoisted into the air we stood there in awe taking to heart that it was for no one else we were fighting for, but for each other. We were all brothers in this battle and all brothers would leave the same way, together.

As the minutes drew on, the land became a foul tainted blight covered in crimson, the color of blood. The once green grass and trees were now befouled by the stench of the already rotting dead. Fire rained from the sky and arrows flew through the air. The screams of the living were heard for miles away, as birds even could not escape the death coming upon the land. Everything trembled in the wake of this battle.

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours as our guilds clashed, trying to gain the upper hand. There, standing on a hill, their monk, with the auras of gods and training of the old prophets, was calling upon the healing powers of the almighty to keep them with breathe. Maseth quickly spouted out orders as we unleashed volley after volley of piercing black arrows that would penetrate any armor, known by man or god, at this hopeless Sister Monk. With our quivers depleting, the Monk was keeping herself alive by infusing her shredded, bloody skin with the holy healing powers of the gods. We quickly began to question our victory.

Finally, our Ranger Captain, Snow Lightbringer, launched a final blow to the Monk. The golden arrow whizzed through the air and landed squarely in the middle of the Monks forehead. She dropped to the earth as blood flew from her head.

The time we had gained was precious as all the gold in the land and it was an opportune time to strike. Directly aiming for there guards, we dropped them quickly as arrows pierced there heavy armor. There was no mercy in our actions, remembering our fallen brethren. They were a disgrace to the world and all of the righteous people in it and we took an oath of vengeance upon them.

Nearing the end of the battle, we forced them to retreat inside there own Guild Hall. As we laid siege upon it, protecting our thief, she slowly picked the lock which would open up the steel chained gate. As seconds passed our Guild Thief successfully opened the gate. We rushed the Guild Hall to finish what we had started. As iron and steel clashed, we quickly took out the opposition.

Putting quick work to what was given to us we had our next enemy in site, the Guild Lord. Scrambling to the top of there Guild Hall we quickly and briskly killed the Clerics whom heal the Guild Lord. As the number of Clerics diminished to zero our last opponent was imminent in our minds. A brutal enemy to anyone who stands in his way, the Guild Lord, dressed in the armor of darkness, stared us with his powerful eyes.

Being as fierce as any man could be and as strong as 10 giants, he destroyed many of us. Outmatched and outnumbered, however, he eventually fell to the ground. His corpse was incinerated from the fire hurled at his body, barraged by the arrows which pierced through his armor, and cut by the swords of the legion.

With a scream of joy, we claimed victory! Although many of our own had perished, we had come to do what was needed. The world was rid of a great evil on that day, and as the Kaaos Gods took their last breathes, the whole world shone brighter.