Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - Spread Out

Batesville, Mississippi, United States

On Sunday, November 6, 2004, My Guild had been taking part in guild versus guild action for most of the weekend. This foray into guild versus guild combat had met with numerous victories; some easy, and some quite difficult. We had been very pleased to see a slow but steady rise up the ladder during the weekend. Additionally, we were all having a blast, to say the least. Our guild was made up of a mixture of veterans and those who were taking part in their first event. As a result of our numerous victories, the entire team was feeling more than a little salty. This was topped off by finally beating a guild that, during the previous WPE, had dominated us every time we met up with them. I must say, vengeance had been sweet.

So, with this heightened sense of pride and ability, my friends and I gleefully entered the late hours of the Beta Event with a feeling of expectant victory. It was at this point that the powers that be decided it was time to deflate our swollen ego and give us a swift dose of reality. Here is what happened:

Our guild was a varied mix of ranged attack, casters, and essentially two warriors (including myself) who were tasked with tanking/healer protection. We went in to this fight a little short on healing, but had confidence in what so far had been a winning build. At the start, we could tell from the names coming in against us that we had a full guild of veterans to compete against. Unafraid and firm in our strategy, we picked up our flag and headed for the middle tower.

We were more than a little surprised to find that the opposing team was already there. Waiting for us.

It was at this point that a small degree of worry began creeping in to our voice chat. However, we were determined to press the attack, targeting what appeared to be a healer, and moving swiftly into the fray. Just as our team neared the flag stand of the middle tower, the earth began to tremble and shake in a manner we had never seen. As we ran forward, swords and hammers raised, the earth literally moved against us, sweeping our entire team to its feet.

As we lay there, stunned by the earthquake, we hastily began to reorganize. I myself became intent on finding that caster and using backfire on him (as a Warr/Mes build, I was tasked with tanking, and anti-caster work). We had taken the best they had, and not a scratch right except for a bruised behind or two right?

Just as we were getting to our knees, a wiry looking fellow from the other team came up and began wiggling his fingers suggestively at us. I was pretty certain at this point that he wasn’t saying “hello” in sign language. This was confirmed a few moments later when my entire team (which was just now getting off the ground) caught on fire!

A word to the wise: All of your well planned strategies, and prepared spells of healing go out the window when you are on fire. Remember that.

By this point, the majority of our team was severely injured, not to mention the fact that they were on fire to boot. However, we rallied, and tried to salvage things and regain the initiative. We again chose our targets, and I began protecting our healer from their tanks as we tried to take out the enemy as quickly as possible. Despite our efforts, we were simply too hurt and shocked by this point to recover. A few moments later, most of us were standing on the resurrection pad discussing how badly we had been mauled.

Undaunted, we sallied forth! It was now time to regroup and retake the middle! We knew for certain these villains were not invulnerable, as we had seen one actually take damage (apparently he had stubbed his toe on the flag stand as we were being vanquished by earth and fire). Accordingly, we rallied and planned a swift attack out of the gate, pulling the lever and rushing back into the heat (literally) of battle!

And there again, standing in front of the gate was the person I had come to call “Mr. Wiggly Fingers”. Just as we exited the gate, the ground again began to sway and tumble, much like how one feels while riding a rabid swamp troll. Again, the massive earthquake felled almost the entire team. And again, Mr. Wiggle Fingers and his comrades lit us on fire. You would think you would be used to such treatment by this point.

Minutes later, our wounds cauterized but our pride still smarting, we all lay in decomposing heaps of smoldering, well shaken goo, awaiting our return to the guild hall. Just as I was disappearing from the battlefield (holding my shaken and burned ego in my hand like a frail pet) Mr. Wiggly Fingers walked over to my corpse and smiled at me. As I began walking towards the light I heard him finally speak. These were his arcane and mystical words:

You guys should spread out more”.

This was sage advice from the enemy magician. Words that I took with me to my grave, and which I will forever remember in the coming days of Guild versus Guild combat. While the many victories have passed into fading memory, I have come to find out found that you learn more from your losses than you do your victories!