Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - The New Morning

Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States

The day had come for our guild to battle again, as I knew it would. I glanced briefly at the Dark Knights by my side, their faces were set and determined, they truly thought they would win this battle. Some of our members were coming with full speed, the trek to the coast and then the long boat trip would last a few days until they got to the Guild Hall, even aided by magic. However those days had passed, they should of been here by now, our Dark Lord was getting angry, she was one with no patience for lateness. The morning had just started and our Dark Lord was eager for battle, however she was wise enough to know without all of us together we would fall. So we waited, we waited for a few hours but then eventually we saw three figured running up the stairs of the Guild Hall. When the trio reached us panting, our Dark Lord merely grunted and looked distastefully upon them but then smiled viciously, the battle would soon begin. Our Dark Lord quickly issued a challenge and within seconds another guild accepted it. I smiled, the bloodshed would soon begin.

Within seconds we were summoned to the Battleground and the second we got our bearings orders flew through the air. I grabbed the great flag of our Guild which was needed to claim the Great Guardhouse. I knew the key to our victory was the guardhouse, from its majestic power all could be seen, and our men would benefit greatly in their morale from taking such a great creation. Our Dark Lord ran to our Guild Thief, whose name is unknown to all of us and spoke briefly, the Thief nodded quickly and with squinted eyes followed us with amazing lightfootedness. Once we reached our guild doors it took three of us to turn the massive wheel needed to open the doors. Slowly, but steadily the doors opened, making loud creaking noises. We ran through the crevice as soon as it was big enough to go through and rushed to the Guardhouse and claimed it. The opposing guild however was not close behind, they rushed from behind the mountain and faced us.

One smiled fiercely and lifted his great maul, I smiled with equal ferocity and prepared in my head a plan the techniques to defeat my enemies. Our Dark Lord gave the command and we charged, I lifted my sword eagerly, my hand acted as if it had a mind of its own, and it desperately wanted blood. I smiled and spun as soon as it seemed I would attack the fierce warrior and brought my sword down upon the enemy monk. The monk tried to dodge but lost a finger in the escape, he cringed but ordered his companions to defend him, however in that vital moment of distraction my fellow Dark Knights were upon the enemy. Elementalists were cut down quickly before they could finish their spells of devastating power while I continued onto the enemy monk. An expression of fear covered the monk momentarily and then he turned and ran to the safety of his Guild Fortress. I pursued him eagerly sprinting to catch up the wiry little man's pace and brought my sword down again, this time the blow was fatal. The sword ripped through the cloth and went deep into the monk's back, he screamed and toppled down while the back of his shirt was quickly flowering in a red stain. I smiled, but I knew the job was not yet done.

All of a sudden then was a rippling in the air and something hard struck me in the arm, I stumbled backward flailing and then looked. It was an arrow, I cursed and thrust it out, I was soon healed by our monk. We charged at the enemy gate while our elementalists rained fire upon the heads of those damnable archers. Our thief knew what to do, he ran to opening device on the outside and tried to pick the mechanism keeping the door shut, soon a loud click was heard and the gate rumbled open. We quickly ran in, the enemy facing us, ready. I growled, apparently the enemy priest had resurrected our opponents. I growled louder and charged quickly at the enemy. Following me my fellow Dark Knights did the same and we quickly destroyed the opposition, but with a price, one of our elementalists had fallen. I grimaced but knew we had to continue, we charged the enemy healers and ripped them to shreds under fire from the enemy archers. This was accomplished very slowly, the healing powers of these healers were beyond those of the average monk, and combined with 2 it was nigh impossible. However it was accomplished and eventually both healers fell. I turned and grinned at the Guild Lord. The Guild Lord smiled back and lifted his massive sword. The archer fire still rained upon us but our monks kept us healed. We charged at the Guild Lord and began to cast our spells and swing our swords and hammers, victory was close for us. All of a sudden I left an opening in my defense and the Guild Lord's massive sword came through. I groaned and fell to the ground, the world quickly going black, our monk desperately tried to heal me but it was to late, I was dead.

I awoke eventually and opened my eyes. My fellow Dark Knights were beside me and I seemed fully healed. I shook my head and asked what happened. They all smiled. We had won, as I thought. I looked into the sky with a smile, it was a new morning.