Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - Victory's Beckon

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Running. Panting. Using every ounce of me I possibly could, I put one foot in front of the other. With flag in hand and sword strapped to my back, I made my way to the gate to our Guild Hall. My comrades were around me, a few ahead. I was thankful, for I would need them today.

We reached the gate, my warrior's armor rattling as I came to stop. I waited impatiently for one of my guild members to open the gate. With a pull of a lever and the grind of gears the gate opened, we sprang forth as a tide of water released from a dam. I took the lead, seeing the Watch Tower in the distance, thrust from the horizon like an arrow piercing a shield. That was our current goal, to take the tower.

With a single corner to turn before we could have a clear sight of the center, I felt a cool misty feeling surround me. A quick glance back showed one of our Monks already at work enchanting us. I felt invincible, as if I could take the blunt end of a War Hammer on the top of my helm and feel better for it. One of our mighty elementalists was doing the intricate motions of some spell I could not discern. Despite my uncertainty, I feared not, for I knew whichever skill he were to choose, the foes ahead would regret it more than I ever would. All about me my comrades were preparing for battle.

Rounding the corner I saw a sight to send shivers down your spine. Before us charged a band of mighty warriors, with gleaming armor, swords of fire, and with blazing furnaces for eyes. I knew then that this would indeed be a challenge of our strength.

Seeing the enemy flag bearer directly in front of me, I could tell I would never make it to the Watch Tower ahead of him. Placing our guild banner on the ground, I saw as one of our best marksmen drew back his bow. It seemed that in the instant I blinked the arrow he had notched ceased to exist. Shifting my view to the enemy flag bearer I saw the fletched shaft of an arrow materialize in his thigh. He faltered, nearly fell, and yet carried on. His demeanor was of one in deep pain, and he moved at a much lesser speed. I was snapped out of my daze as two of my fellow warriors rushed passed, throats blaring their war cries. Realizing I may just miss the battle, I unsheathed my sword, and readied my shield.

With a great cry I was off, bearing down on the enemy flag bearer as a battering ram on a castle door. Before I could reach him, a flaming bolt singed the hair on my cheek as it screamed forth to explode in a searing ball on the banner bearer's chest. The searing ball was immediately followed by the mad swings of the men beside me and I. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a white glow begin to emanate from the hands of an enemy healer. I could also see the elaborate dance of an enemy elementalist as he prepared to unleash some earthly pain upon my compatriots and I.

I knew we must be rid of this foe quickly, for his warrior allies were nearly upon us. Going into a wild flurry with my blade I began swinging my sword faster and faster. I knew I was leaving myself open to take more serious injury but this annoyance had to be dealt with. I could tell he was near crumbling from weakness when he suddenly seemed revitalized. His Monk had obviously mended him of some of his wounds. He was an annoyance no longer.

Just as I thought so, a bolt of blinding lighting slashed through the sky, encompassing the flag bearer in a sizzling mirage of light. As my eyes cleared, I could see his charred body lying on the ground. I regretted taking the second to look because at that moment, the elemental powers from the opposing team were unleashed upon us. A gigantic flaming boulder appeared from the sky, crashed to the ground, burning us as it knocked us to the ground. I ignored the pain, hoping that our monk could do his job quickly enough. What I couldn't ignore however were the two fresh warriors descending on us. We quickly exchange blows to grab their attention, but they were not our main targets. With a cry to my fellow warriors to follow me we darted past the warriors and made straight for their monk. He could see us approaching and quickly began casting enchantments on himself. As we drew nearer he turned and attempted to flee. Feeling my heart racing I lunged forth and swept my sword across the back of his leg, severing his hamstring. His feeble attempts to run were swiftly ended as my fellow fighters slashed through his cloth armor and arrows peppered his body.

With their healer no longer a part of this world, the decimation of the rest of the enemy guild was only a few battle scars away. Spells and arrows soared through the air like a flock of birds. My sword swung true, piercing armor and foes alike. The din of the battle resounded through the air, the clash of steel on shields, and the sizzle and crackle of fireballs falling from the sky.

As the clamor subsided I realized that my teammates and I were alone on the battlefield with the bodies of our fallen foes. A ranger limped to the Watch Tower with flag in hand, placing it in the flag stand, securing the goal for us. I felt energized and excited. I had just witnessed my first skirmish and emerged victorious. Unfortunately the enemy Guild Hall lay in the distance, and the battle was not yet won. We tended to our wounds and adjusted our armor and set forth. The Guild Lord had to be killed, but that is a tale for another time.