Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Winner - Ascalons Chosen

Bloomington, Indiana, United States

A cool breeze carried the soft prayers to Dwayna easterly across the island bearing the grand courtyard of the Legion's guildhall. The courtyard had not seen such frenzy in years. The mustering call confirmed the fall of Surmia. Heroes of old and Legion neophytes gathered from adventures in the Cursed Lands to the Wilds. Masters of the arcane prepared their magic, warriors sharpened and oiled their armor and weapons, and archers restrung their bows. The Charr were a devastating force set to destroy all of Ascalon and extend their vile rule beyond even the farthest borders; meanwhile a new and greater threat had emerged.

To face the threat the council of elders chose the best of its membership to oppose it. Power and greed converted many to support the growing evil. It was time for the evil to end…

Elder Ronin addressed the Legion as the council's chosen force accepted their guild tabards, "It is time we make our presence known and turn the tide of battle. You will be our first Alliance sent against the Tainted!"

Cheers rose to a crescendo as the eight members strode from the courtyard ready to do battle. They walked in cadence, three of the Legion's most skilled warriors, two chief divine servants chanting the rhythmical prayers to Dwayna that coordinated the groups march, an arcane master of elements, and two unproven members just returned from their first engagement. The new members were a scout trained in archery with a great lynx as his animal companion and a brawny warrior. It was time to introduce the Legion to Ascalon's enemies.

"This is where the first of many battles shall occur. Our enemies shall gain no ground this day or any other, victory calls on the wind!" said Windsong the high priestesses.

The first of the Legion Alliances rolled onto the battlefield. Bornob, a veteran warrior, directed the charge, "Without healing they cannot outlast an assault. We must concentrate on their divine warriors."

The Alliance monks began their prayers calling their protective and preserving powers upon their companion. The warriors sprinted into battle searching for the opposing healers. As arcane magic called forth raining fire on the front lines of the hostile forces, the lynx launched itself through the ruins into the fight. Its claws raking between the two arrows its master had plunged into the chest of the deathcaller who was soon to join those he controlled in a state of death.

The battle raged as priests healed, warriors smashed hammers and sliced with swords. Magic was spun among the fighting and arrows flew threw the sky. Then the tide changed.

A short and well-armored warrior rushed at Windsong slashing with a long hard blade. Stunned, Windsong's healing arts were no match for the quick and deadly blows. Meanwhile, the sprawling battle blocked the warriors from reaching their divine targets. With the restorative powers of only one monk, the warriors lost ground and two fell in battle. Arrows were no longer flying across the battlefield from the bow of the young ranger, yet his cat continued on, rushing for the divine foes the warriors were blocked from reaching. The Alliance was falling to their enemy…

The next to fall was the Iorek, the arcane master. Devek, the lone monk, could not tide the damage inflicted upon his comrades. Half of their group had fallen yet six of their foes remained, brutalizing their remaining forces. Seeing a third warrior fall, this the youthful new member, the monk concentrated on healing the last of the virtuous warriors. Devek called upon the power of Dwayna to regenerate the lynx that had managed to fell one of the priests. After the request, Devek found himself surrounded and knew he must survive for any chance at victory. He sprinted from the fray knowing it would result in the fall of their last warrior, Forrent.

Devek surveyed the battlefield. The opposing forces lay unresurrected. If only he could revive his fallen companions, the victory would still be possible. Leaving a nearby ranger motionless on the battlefield after chasing and felling him, the lynx had eliminated both priests, the ranger, and was bounding toward the remaining warriors - toward him!

The cat followed the three warriors charging Devek. With a final call to Dwayna, Devek poured a blessing over the lynx as it made the finishing strike at its foe. As the lynx made its strike, so did a warrior. A great hammer came swinging toward Devek's face. Arching toward him he saw two eyes sockets staring at him, the cavities engraved into the head of the hammer forged to resemble a ram's skull. The hit was solid, rocking Devek and drawing blood. The blood flowed, as did the life from his body. The last thing he saw was the warrior above him grasping the front of an arrow protruding from his chest.

Devek awoke still groggy, the rest of the first Alliance standing above him. The lynx licked his face and sat next to him. Warbow, the young ranger kneeled next to lynx companion, "After felling the deathcaller a warrior chased me. I fled and hid among the ruins. I was scared to rush into battle watching our group fall. I only gained strength when I saw Opal, my cat, fight without fear alone and victorious among so many foes. I joined him in the final battle; we managed to slay the final two warriors. By grace, I was able to restore Windsong. When she was strong enough, she brought the rest of you to the realm of the living."

The first Alliance made its way back to their island guildhall to relay their tough fought victory to the elders. Other Alliances were already on their way into their own battles.

Elder Ronin listened to the story and proclaimed to all members of the Legion, "Ascalon has had a great victory this day and many more are to come. Beware enemies of Ascalon; soon you shall all meet Ascalon's Chosen!"