Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Winner - Griffon Fires

Laurel, Maryland, United States

"Peregrin, watch out!"

The voice in my head screamed as I caught glimpse of a hammer heading toward my face. On instinct, I ducked and brought up my shield to block the heavy blow, only to be thrown like a ragdoll, scraping my armor against the stone steps. The weight of my armor slowed me down as I was getting back to my feet.
The hammer’s force dropped me back down and knocked the wind out of me.

"breathe, Peregrin"

I gasped for air, my mouth moving like a gaping fish. The warrior planted his foot firmly on my chest, "I don't like people that aint in my guild."

Oxygen started filling my lungs again, "Good, ‘cause we're recruiting," I wheezed out.

He laughed and raised his hammer high, "Haw haw haw! I don't team up with losers." He started his hammer swing...

*** Earlier that day***

"Check your rings! We can’t come back to switch out what you take on your fingers, so make sure what you're carrying is what you'll need." I saw my guildmembers double-check the skill rings they equipped. I checked my own too; after all, what good is a leader that doesn't follow his own commands? "One OK!" I bellowed. My team followed suit as they confirmed their selections, "Two OK!" "Three OK!" ... "Eight OK!"

"Today we face yet another challenge. Same drill as before, keep our Guild Lord alive, and make sure theirs doesn't see another day. Follow your training and I guarantee that we will be victorious. Keep an eye on your map, it has the battle plan. Remember that no battle is won by dying for your guild, it is won by making some poor, dumb monk die for his. Set your targets for my mark and follow my lead. I don't know much about the opposition, and I don't need to. All I know is that I have the best brothers-in-arms about me, and that we will again prevail! Griffon Fires!" I roared.

"GRIFFON FIRES!" they repeated. I readied myself for the upcoming battle...

"Nalandial, grab the flag and be ready to set our colors. Everyone else, on me!" We ran through the opening gate, our guild capes flying proudly, and saw the other guild on the other side of the flag area. I saw the opposing flag runner go for setting the flag.

"move, Peregrin!"

"The runner!" I yelled while sprinting to intercept the her before she was able to set the flag. I gritted my teeth when I saw that I wouldn't make it in time, but suddenly the runner fell backward. The ground was quaking under her and then I understood. I took a mental note to praise Lepidus, our elementalist, for a well timed earthquake. I approached as the flag runner was getting back up.

"hamstring, now!"

The swing hit swift and true. The flag runner limped as she continued her attempt to place the flag. She turned her face and I saw the hurt and anger in her eyes while she kept moving.

"stop her"

My teammates caught up and she went down in a flurry of our blows. I tagged the dropped flag and it disintegrated through my fingers. Nalandial immediately went to set the flag, seeing that it was clear.

I turned toward the opposing guildmembers, seeing them retreat to their fort. I followed in with teammates close behind, searching for their healer.

"there’s a healer"

"Targets on my mark!" The others took note of my target and ran towards him. My sword hand itched for more action as I neared their healer.

"Peregrin, watch out!" ...


I braced for the worst as the other warrior started his swing. It never came. The other warrior was knocked off his feet, the earth beneath him quaking. That was two points for Lepidus.

"get up, Peregrin"

I scrambled to my feet, and altered to a shield stance. Taking the brunt of another hammer blow was not on my list of things to do. I looked for that healer I had previously targeted, to find that my guildmates had already taken him down and were heading to my aid. Thorkis rushed next to me, the sunlight reflecting off of his steel hammer, as he struck upon the opposing warrior. Our monk, Fliffy, renewed my strength and rid me of weariness.


I gripped my blade and went into a frenzy, not caring about hits that were being dealt to me. The warrior fell as our attacks rained upon him.

We took down the remainder of the opposing team and rushed on the Guild Lord. All of us focused upon him, the attacks never ceasing, but it looked like we were hardly hurting him.

"the clerics"

"Lepidus, the clerics!" Lepidus focused his magic on the two clerics healing the Guild Lord. He knocked down the clerics with earthquakes and meteors. Nalandial took heed and made a marksmanship shot, sending an arrow straight through the tongue of one of the clerics, silencing him and preventing him from casting spells.

I turned my attention back toward the Guild Lord, confident now that my teammates were on the clerics. Thorkis’ hammer now was steadily chipping away at the Guild Lord, causing noticeable damage. I jumped in, flying into another frenzy. Thorkis landed the final blow taking down the Guild Lord and securing our victory.


I breathed a long sigh, and faced my fellow Griffons. We saw to it that the opposing guild was revived and thanked them for a battle well fought. The other guild’s warrior ran up to me, "Be that recruiting thing still be good?" he asked. I laughed and smirked, "I don’t team up with losers."