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Factions Guild Emblem Contest Winners

During the months of March and April 2006, we offered another opportunity for gamers to play an active role in enhancing the Guild Wars world. In celebration of the new game—Guild Wars Factions—player were invited to design and submit their favorite concept for a new guild emblem.

The Factions Guild Emblem Contest drew entries from around the world—from four continents and more than a thousand fans. The art was as distinctive as the players themselves, with images based on nature, on combat, on cultural themes, and on just about everything in between. A few entries were so excellent it was impossible to sort out the best of a certain type. In those cases, we submitted two, or even three, similar images to the judges. All winning entries will form the inspiration or the core concept from which the Art Team will work as they create the actual guild image. (You can see examples of this process—the original art and the finished emblem—in the winners page from our first Guild Emblem Contest.)

The final emblems will be incorporated into the game within the next few months, and will then be available to all Guild Wars players. We will update this page when the final art is available, so you can see the new guild emblems!


Name Location Original
Jun-Yan You

Love N Pain

Akshay "Ararthos The Deadly" Singh




Manv The Apocalypse

Philip Severson



Crimson Stigmata

Desmond Tang

Benjamin "Lunatic" Sironi




Bethor Rizon USA
Kyrara Roitare Italy
Lawrence Hawkins USA
Lindo David France
Massimo "Il Profano" Nastasi Italy
Nadejda Neklioudova Australia
Pierron "Zepot Kay" Nicolas France
Christian Crittendon Germany


Shang Zhi (Jake)

Vanessa Martin

New Zealand


Dark Hikari USA
Kelly "Lady Sweetling" T. USA
Shawn Schober USA
Mark Jordan Slovenia
Ryan "Morangen Dromere" Hamilton

Xakarus Alldredge

Dmitry Sharkov




Trevor Yopp USA

Winners will receive their prizes soon, and will be given an extra bonus gift, as well: The first two pins in the Guild Wars Season One Skill Pin series! All Honorable Mention recipients will receive the two skill pins, as well.

And as a special "thank you" to the more than one thousand Guild Wars fans who participated in this contest, we will be sending a skill pin to 25 of those who entered, selected randomly. Their names and locations are as follows:

Lisa Ruscio USA Kali of Kasdeya The Netherlands
Einar "Yutso Motoshiki" Afiouni Norway Lady Gaz USA
Danny Ram Canada Larissa Winey USA
Glissa Wolfblood England Magolie Blanch Germany
Sophie Swift USA Brandon "Vander" Rowley USA
Kristyn McCormack USA Gina Greco Canada
Lee Barber USA Loredana Modest Australia
Aiua Fredriksson Germany Jade Mooncat Belgium
Phan Van Ho Pascal France Hikaru Yuki England
Hroux The Dark Greece Jelle Spelt Holland
Miharu Shimizu Japan Kuu Pimeys Germany
James Johnstone Scotland Sylvok Veraderie Australia
Gios-Lecto Italy    

The contest rules for the Factions Guild Emblem Contest can be found on this page.