Guild Wars




1st Annual Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest - Winners

The Guild Wars Necromancer
by Lisa Berberette, The Pumpkin Lady

The Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest presented an opportunity for players and game fans to submit their creative ideas for ways to celebrate Halloween, Guild Wars style. You can find the contest rules here.

During the month of October, we received entries from five continents and nearly three dozen countries. The entries ranged from costumes to wallpapers, from pumpkin carvings to home decor. We had recipes, cartoons, stories, and more! From hundreds of entries, 12 winners and 11 Honorable Mentions were selected by our crack team of art judges, who just happen to be comprised of the members of the Guild Wars team.

We are pleased to present the winners of the 1st Annual Guild Wars Art Contest:


Absolut Bondage, Miss Boombastic
(Minnesota, USA)

Liam O'Brien (Fighting Leprechaun), Supes (Mhenlo), Nitro Joe (Aidan), Bulli (Stefan), Chrissy (Angelica)
(Florida, USA)

Winter Swallow
(Selangor, Malaysia)

Guillaume Bonnet
(Quebec, Canada)

Maximilian "The Morphling" Tan Wilson

Jeremiah "Arcuied The Wise" Jilk 
(California, USA)

Dr Jimmy
(Alberta, Canada)

Michael Chomicki
(Ontario, Canada)

Narondej Teo

Markus "Evan Conner, Caine The Whisperer" Roller

Shaun Healey
(New Jersey, USA)

Genevieve Routhier
(Quebec, Canada)

Honorable Mentions

Kerik "Relara Bloodsilver" Cox
(South Carolina, USA)

Angela Hillmann,
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Doritine Bamboo
(Budapest, Hungary)


Raynor Stuntz
(The Netherlands)

Steve Hildreth
(Missouri, USA)

Seven Seas of Rhye
(Washington, USA)

Josh Jones, Alex Jones, Sean Colborne
(Utah, USA)

Vendela Aavatar

Davide Lucidi

Ian Freeman-Lee
(Washington, USA)

Special Awards:

In addition to visual art entries, we received two entries deserving of special recognition. We hope you will enjoy reading:

The Tyrian Tattler
Patty Beauregard
Illinois, USA
Necromancer Chilling Tale!
Ioana Croitoru
Brisbane, Australia