October, 2005 The Tyrian Tattler Weather
Scary, Spooky, and just plain Creepy!
Special Halloween Edition
Lion's Arch Halloween Fest
Halloween Fest
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Citizens from all over Tyria are expected to attend the First Annual Lion's Arch Halloween Fest. The highlight of the morning activities will be the Halloween Parade, with The Frog as Grand Marshall. "The Frog is honored to join the citizens of Tyria in the celebration of All Hallow's Eve", The Frog was heard to say. The parade steps off at 10am from the eastern gate of Lion's Arch, winds through the fountain and merchant areas, and ends at the docks.

Halloween Fest Activites
Throughout the day, a variety of other Halloween Fest activities are planned:
  • Face Painting by monks from the Lion's Arch chapter of MONK (Masters of Obscure and Noteworthy Knowledge)
  • Bobbing for Apples (water elementalists not allowed to compete)
  • Speed Pumpkin Carving competition for Sword and Axe Warriors
  • Fireworks Display at dusk, sponsored by the Heroic Elementalists Association of Tyria (HEAT)

    Halloween Ball
    Prince Rurik
    Halloween Fest will conclude at midnight with the Halloween Ball, hosted by the Ghost of Althea and Undead Prince Rurik. The Ball will be held outdoors at the Lion's Arch fountain, with music provided by Lord Timot and The Undead Horde. All of Tyria is welcome to attend, and it is expected that everyone will party all night.

    Pumpkin Bowl
    Pumpkin Bowl

    Live on EJN (Eye of Janthir Network), with commentary by Warmaster Tydus, Captain Osric and Blade Scout Ryder.

Hostilities Cease
King AdelbernIn honor of the First Annual Lion's Arch Halloween Fest, all fighting will stop, beginning at dawn on Halloween Day. King Adelbern and Vizier Khilbron met at the Lion's Arch Fountain and signed the temporary peace agreement this week. After the signing ceremony was complete, they both had a few words for the assembled crowds. King Adelbern declared, "We think everyone could use the time off to enjoy this special day." The Vizier was a bit more ominous, " When Halloween is over, my forces will be well-rested and ready to take over Tyria!". The King just smiled and was heard to comment, "We'll see about that when the time comes."

News from Grenth's Footprint
KilroyAuthorities in Grenth's Footprint have arrested Kilroy Stonekin on charges of disorderly conduct. Mr. Stonekin has repeatedly ignored requests from authorities to cease and desist his trademark "running and yelling" activities, and this week he got in the spirit of Halloween by carrying a jack-o-lantern with him. As Mr. Stonekin was lead away, all he would say was, "I yell, therefore I am". Authorities are working with representatives from Ventari's Refuge Medical Center in an attempt to help Mr. Stonekin. Ventari, director of the Center, said, "Mr. Stonekin is suffering from an advanced case of 'Leeroy Jenkins Syndrome', and there is no known cure. Until a cure is found, Mr. Stonekin will be made as comfortable as possible at Sardelac Sanitarium."

News from Temple of Ages
The Temple of Ages was abuzz with activity this week when people reported seeing a shadow passing in front of the moon. The shadow circled the ToA area a few times, and then landed, and surprised everyone when they realized who it was.

The Tattler Team is proud to share this image with our readers, and finally reveal the secret of someone we all know!

News from Nebo Terrace
JarrelLarge numbers of Hellhounds have been spotted around the peaceful region of Nebo Terrace, bothering the local people by howling at the moon all night long. Tamer Jarrel was brought in from Ascalon to investigate the situation and determined that the upcoming Halloween holiday was to blame. "The hounds are 'tuning up' their voices for Halloween. They plan to make a guest appearance at the Halloween Fest to entertain the crowds, " said Jarrel.
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