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Guild Wars Halloween 2010 Art Contest Winners

The annual Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest gave players a chance to celebrate Halloween, Guild Wars style, by sharing their spookiest creative efforts. You can find the contest rules here.

We received hundreds of awesome submissions. We were so impressed by both the Halloween spirit and the quality of artistic talent in our community that it was hard to choose the winners.

Winners will be notified by email, and we will send the prize packages after we receive the required email confirmation and release forms.

Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to all who participated! Have a great Guild Wars Halloween!

Art Contest Winners (Non costume entries)

Spencer S. - USA

Second Place Winner

Mischa V. - The Netherlands

Dmitrijs N. - Latvia

Andre R. - USA

Taking Out The Trash - Canada

Ilona E. - Germany

Charlie Dayman - USA

Anna M. - Germany

Mad Queen Malafide - The Netherlands

Marshmallow - Canada

Guillaume H. - France Azzazel Sura - Austria
Jolan C. - USA Mina Kiefervon - USA
Lisa L. - USA Suki - USA
Monkey Dew - USA Nicholas D. - USA
Shirah Honami - The Netherlands Sansa S. - USA

Costume Contest Winners

Freyja Fimbulvetr - Norway

Koreena Anchalis - USA

Arkis Wake - USA

Note: All judging was done on a "blind judging" basis, where those involved did not know anything about the contestant, including name, location, gender, or age.

Winners: Please allow at least six weeks for receipt of your prize, once you have responded to the email we send you requesting confirmation of your mailing information.