Guild Wars




Henchman Skill Bar Contest Winners (Heroes' Ascent)

Tiny Tina

Iarwain De Llanowar

Adepte De La Guerre

Haldibarn Earendul

Unfaithful Servant

Syn Spellstrike

Leet Noobified

Healing Blocks

The Necromaxime

Eric The Devistator

Our Guild Is Leet

Bacchikoi Bacchikoi

Der Held

Rolol Lololol

Pnoy Pride

Hi Captain Obvious

Le Boucher Alsacien

Uto Pro

Khai Kemnebi

Noodle Legs

Winners will receive the following awesome in-game prizes:

  • A henchman named after the winner's character or an appropriate name of the winner's choosing.

  • One Everlasting Henchman Tonic. This unique item grants the winner the ability to temporarily transform into the image of the henchman they are named after.