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Guild Wars Mini Mania Contest

October Winners

Thousands of Guild Wars players from throughout North America entered the Mini Mania contest during October. We've drawn the random winners from all eligible entries received through October 31st, and we're pleased to announce their in-game names and their prizes below. Prize miniatures will be emailed to each winner within 10 days.

Player Name Prize Player Name Prize
Against X Naga Raincaller Ajiera of the Sand Naga Raincaller
Aldur Irongrip Shiroken Assassin Alex C K Naga Raincaller
Alexandra Dontonis Naga Raincaller Angel of Aeros The Oni
Angel Of Truths The Oni Anquillian Sten Naga Raincaller
Arisa Suncaller Zhed Shadowhoof Arora Nao Shiroken Assassin
Auri Blast Naga Raincaller Avatar Pain Long-Haired Yeti
Blacke Blade Naga Raincaller Blessd Amy Of Lunel Long-Haired Yeti
Buzzard Face Shiroken Assassin Calithra Boneweaver The Oni
Celestial Judgment Shiroken Assassin Chaos Trydent Long-Haired Yeti
Christina Alexander Naga Raincaller Criminal Mastermind Long-Haired Yeti
Crypie its Tom Zhed Shadowhoof Cyric Dragonbane The Oni
Damage Crazy The Oni Davison Hanson Zhed Shadowhoof
Dena Zu Naga Raincaller Dragon Aeaen Naga Raincaller
Drahl Intek Naga Raincaller Drake Coldwind The Oni
Drake Kilburn Long-Haired Yeti Drake Novak The Oni
Dred Fury The Oni Drizz Nemesis Long-Haired Yeti
Dusk Wolfs Scythe Naga Raincaller Ejp Warrior The Oni
Eli Packton The Oni Elisha Ember Naga Raincaller
Elrindel Kelminion Shiroken Assassin Emerald of Oden Shiroken Assassin
Envy Sevensin Naga Raincaller Eragon Heap Zhed Shadowhoof
Erim Elidor Shiroken Assassin Ezra Imel The Oni
Fiery Blade Zhed Shadowhoof Garbriel Arman Shiroken Assassin
Gildan Bladeborn Long-Haired Yeti Hello Im A Monk Long-Haired Yeti
Hunter Manis Naga Raincaller I Im Already Dead I Shiroken Assassin
Il Heaven Il The Oni Ill Kill U Adam The Oni
Isabeau Suro Zhed Shadowhoof Ista Snow The Oni
Jack Frost Winter The Oni Jasmine Lily Long-Haired Yeti
Jendi Vallerin Zhed Shadowhoof Joram Ash Long-Haired Yeti
Judged Innocent Zhed Shadowhoof Justin Feldspar Zhed Shadowhoof
Keltin Blaze Naga Raincaller Kendra Dread Zhed Shadowhoof
Kojor of Iron Myth Naga Raincaller Krionn Omnifiend The Oni
Kz Alterego Long-Haired Yeti Lady Deathspyder The Oni
Lannes The Merc Long-Haired Yeti Lareth Nightshade The Oni
Lbs Cold The Oni Lei Lieu Naga Raincaller
Lex Matzerath Vizu Lilium Flower Long-Haired Yeti
Lord Dalgamide The Oni Lord Luthien The Oni
Lori Light Naga Raincaller Ludex Advocatus Naga Raincaller
Luthor Chevas Shiroken Assassin Lyan Lybringer Long-Haired Yeti
Malith the Betrayer Naga Raincaller Matthew Webb The Oni
Maynard Mezz Long-Haired Yeti Mischevious Pup Zhed Shadowhoof
Mr Revolver Vizu Muerte Negra Naga Raincaller
Myko Ducor Zhed Shadowhoof Myuu Ichigo The Oni
Nikkie Long The Oni Oblivion Iv Naga Raincaller
Otis Odessa Long-Haired Yeti Phasma Du Lunai Shiroken Assassin
Phenix Dragonslayer Long-Haired Yeti Phoenix of Altherea Long-Haired Yeti
Prince Stormlord Shiroken Assassin Rainst Howler Vizu
Rimsword Killshot Long-Haired Yeti Sahukar Shark Naga Raincaller
Silvermoon Maiden The Oni Sir Deathmaker Long-Haired Yeti
Sir Purpitt Zhed Shadowhoof Son of Gideon Naga Raincaller
Song Ov Nephilim The Oni Stella Jade Long-Haired Yeti
Stilgar Naib Fremen The Oni Stuck Boy Long-Haired Yeti
The False Dragon Long-Haired Yeti The Midnight Sun The Oni
The Moose Of Doom Vizu The Weaver Of Lies Long-Haired Yeti
Thoraxial Soultaker Zhed Shadowhoof Tylor Savages Naga Raincaller
Urik Durthar Vizu Vahlah La Belle The Oni
Vladamere Hammerjam Zhed Shadowhoof Warrior Miranda Shiroken Assassin
Wazupy God Naga Raincaller Wendy Stormchaser Long-Haired Yeti
Willow D Rosenberg Long-Haired Yeti Xlord Myst Bringer Long-Haired Yeti
Xx Born Killer Xx Naga Raincaller xxx Mystic Monk xxx Naga Raincaller
Yoda The Fire Lord Shiroken Assassin Yoshiko Kurenai Naga Raincaller
Your Average Necro Long-Haired Yeti Zero Skills X Long-Haired Yeti
Zhen Gora Long-Haired Yeti Zoey Roo The Oni
Zorander Nefar Shiroken Assassin