Guild Wars




Guild Wars Super Fan Contest

Win an Invitation to the Guild Wars Nightfall Launch Party
October 17, 2006
Seattle, Washington

In response to our contest to send party invitations to a few of our games' most fervent fans, we received entries from—believe it or not—17 states, 4 provinces, and 9 foreign countries. Yes, the love of Guild Wars knows no bounds! Certainly there is no limitation on the distance that fans are willing to travel, if someone was prepared to fly from Brazil and another was more than happy to hop a flight from Russia! And of course age is not a barrier to Guild Wars fandom, either, for we received entries from the not-quite-eligible teens, to the 60-somethings, and everything in between.

As one contestant called them, the "statements of fanatical devotion" came in the form of song lyrics, poetry, short-stories, a personal chronicle, even a secret coded message and a Guild Wars Musical!

Here are a few of the many splendid entries that we received:

Sid The Rat looses unending
barrages, approaching,
perfected edge,
brink of extinction for all opposition;
ferociously striking foes, exploring vast mountains,
dense, fragrant jungles,
perilous deserts, cityscapes,
chasing elusive storms alongside dark allies of Grenth; blessed
Dwayna; precise, patient Lyssa; mighty
Balthazar; but always, always
Melandru is trusted ally, mother.

Whenever I play Guild Wars, I Blackout. I play a Mesmer, or three... I have no Guilt when I log on. ...but don't Panic! Though there may seem to be no Diversion whenever I play; there's one. Whenever I get that Crippling Anguish, I /jump up in Frustration, Make Illusion of Haste to the washroom to take that Power Leek. All I can think of when I soloed my adventure, is that I'm thankful the loading screen wasn't too long!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Please pick me
To party with you

Why should you pick
Someone like me?
It's really quite simple
I'm cool you see

I'm a real fun guy
Expert at Guild Wars
Only lost once
But that was soo the other guys fault, I mean how hard is it to protect the Guild Lord...oh...I mean...uh... I like The Doors.

*Statement of Fanatical Devotion*:

During an instrumental company dinner, I excused myself from the table to the restroom – but really I beat feet from the downtown restaurant to the game store, securing Factions. Returning with a jacket tucked bundle and a sweaty face I informed everyone that my /trip/ had been quite the workout.

Two kneel before Grenth's visage: She, a daughter of Dwayna, and I, a child of Grenth himself. A perfect pair are we: life and death, heal and hurt. Together we hunt, denizens of the underworld quake at our approach, our only fear the nightmares we awaken.

Guild Wars, not just a game; a tool of character shaping. Not just a game but a teacher, with the students being the millions of people world wide who log on to be part of or lead a team into great battles, contests of wit, and adventure. Guild Wars a teacher of life through gaming. I belong there cause I am the top student of the game.

The crack of thunderheads, I awake cold and tired. I rise up, survey my surroundings and sheath my sword. "Today I will embrace my Destiny and fulfill the Prophecies." After many months of travel and fatigue from battle I arrive to take my place with the Chosen Ones of the Guild Wars Nightfall Launch Party!

As you can see, these fans love the game, enjoy the players, and feel a very real attachment to the story and characters. The fact that we received a dozen confirmations in the first five minutes after we sent out the winner emails makes it very clear that this group is really looking forward to partying with the Devs—and we're just as pleased for the opportunity to meet them!

We're proud to announce the winners of the 1st Super Fan Contest:

Adam Durr
Barry McKeon
Ben Otteson
Benjamin Shinn
David Johnson (Alpha)
Devon Nelson
Dianne Mitchell
Don Christopher Mace
Franklin Webber
Ginger Hart
Henry Witwicki
James Parmenter
Jason Shelby
Justin Wilbourne
Kelli Zielinski
Kelly Shipman
Lloyd M Walker
Orrie Smith
Patrick Quinn
Paula Snellgrove
Peter Hurkett
Philip Austin
Rebecca Weathersby
Teresa Johnson (Liberatore)
Terri Whitney
Tony J. Lee