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Guild Wars E3 2003 - Battle for the Keep Event

ArenaNet, NCsoft and the Guild Wars team take part in various industry-related events over the course of every year. But aside from industry events such as E3 and various trade shows, the Guild Wars Team is also directly involved with the fans. This section will share news of some of our fan-related events, contests, and other activities.

During our demonstrations at E3, several valiant Warriors, Necromancers and Rangers were able to reach the ultimate challenge - to slay the Ice King - and live to tell about it.

For surviving the Battle for the Keep mission, each contestant received a t-shirt featuring the game art you see to the right. The names of the victors are:

James Acosta
Nicholas Baker
Jeremy L. Banks
Bradley Beaver
Scott Bibbee
Bryan Bowles
Claude Brisson
Jim "J/Dog" deVos
Michael Donatelli
Jon Farinelli
David Forrest
Greg Gibson
Karl "Krash" Goldshmidt
Dominic Hudon
Patrick Hunt
Mark Kornkven
Michael Lasky
Michel Lavoie
Jenny Lee
Gregg Marle
Drake Marsten
Sheldon McGee
Ryan Moffitt
Spencer Nelson
Jason Polenick
Jim Poole
Brandon Ramirez
Brock Ramirez
Baron Redberry
Norbert Roy
Andrew Schnickel
Tim Slager
Jonathan "Toad" Swart
David Szymczyk
Anthony Tackett
Shawn Weems
Matt Welzenbach
Aaron Whitcomb
Gamer Yeroumian
Peter Zemita