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Head Start Event: Day of the Tengu

Join us for the Guild Wars Factions Head Start Event, and participate in the exciting Day of the Tengu celebration!

As you know, the Head Start allows access to the lands of Cantha a full 24 hours before the game’s global release. During those hours, Cantha is hosting a special event—Day of the Tengu—where players celebrate the first anniversary of peace since the cessation of the Tengu Wars. But all is not peace and harmony even now, for the day’s events are threatened by a return of the vile Naga.

In Cantha, you are invited to complete a series of quests in honor of the Tengu, quests that also aid in the effort to beat back the erstwhile invading forces. If you are successful, you will earn Naga Fangs, which you can exchange for unique rewards! At periodic intervals throughout the course of the day's event, be sure that you visit Shing Jea Monastery, where you will find that, if you have a sufficient number of Naga Fangs, the fangs will be converted into wearable Tengu Masks. These coveted items—customized just for you—will be unique across all Guild Wars campaigns!

For the Day of the Tengu, you will want to know the way to the Shing Jea Monastery. Players using the Guild Wars Factions Preorder key for the Head Start may travel to Shing Jea Monastery and talk to the Master of Celebration to take part in the special Day of the Tengu event. Native Canthan characters will find their way to the monastery very quickly. Characters coming from Tyria will need to take the following steps:

  • In order to travel to Cantha for the first time, a Prophecies character must take the Mhenlo's Request quest from Firstwatch Sergio in Lion's Arch. Following the quest steps will unlock ship travel to Cantha for that character. Your account must have an active Guild Wars Factions or Guild Wars Factions Preorder key in order to travel to Cantha.
  • Once in Cantha, travel south through the Marketplace to Kaineng Docks.
  • Speak to First Mate Xiang, who will transport you to Seitung Harbor.
  • Travel west through Saoshang Trail and Linnok Courtyard to reach Shing Jea Monastery.

The Head Start Event and the Day of the Tengu quest series are available only to pre-order customers of Guild Wars Factions. Want to get in on the action? Check with your local retailer, or pre-order Guild Wars Factions online and obtain an access key in time to participate in the event. Here are the participating online retailers:




See you in Cantha on April 27th!