Guild Wars




Come to the Costume Brawl!

Join us during the Halloween Festival for some ghoulish fun in the first-ever annual Guild Wars Costume Brawl! Fight in the guise of famous characters from the Guild Wars story, using that character's custom set of skills and the equipment that you choose to use!

To enter this special mini-game, speak with a new NPC—Bobby [Costume Brawl]—in the towns of Lion's Arch, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar. Each profession has a corresponding character, so you'll want to join in often to try out the different characters.

Here are the guests of honor at this year's Costume Brawl:

Profession Male Costume Female Costume
Assassin Anton Nika
Dervish Kahmu Melonni
Elementalist Argo Cynn
Mesmer Erys Vasburg Seaguard Hala
Monk Mhenlo Tahlkora
Necromancer Olias Livia
Paragon Morgahn Hayda
Ranger Aidan Zho
Ritualist Razah Xandra
Warrior Lukas Devona

After you speak with Bobby [Costume Brawl], you will enter the outpost for the Costume Brawl already dressed in your costume, with your skills selected. If you forgot a weapon, one will be spawned at your feet. From there, you will join the combat in one of two brand new arenas or two favorites from the Hero Battle series. Each brawl is free of Death Penalty, and each round will last ten minutes. At the end of a match, every player on the winning team will receive a prize.

So join us for this new Halloween treat. It's going to be howlin' good fun!