Guild Wars




Wedding in Tyria

The Guild Wars World Preview Event, which took place on the last weekend of October, 2004, represented just the second weekend that the game had been “live” to players outside of the closed Alpha test. Not even a week old, the world of Tyria was ready for its first wedding.

The first nuptials of the Guild Wars world took place on the southern shores of Lion's Arch, just outside Merchant's Row. Tami Foote, ArenaNet level artist, and her fiancé, Joe Perreault, pronounced their undying love and were bound in holy matrimony at approximately 2:00 PM Pacific Time. The ceremony took place on Saturday, the 30th of October, 2004, in District 127 of Lion's Arch.

Many members of the ArenaNet Dev Team came to bear witness to the blessed event. Jeff Strain, John Zipperer, Dave Beetlestone (AKA: Boca Chicka), Austin Spafford, Lewis Mohr, Jess Lebow, James Phinney (AKA: Alita Haxor), Katy Hargrove (AKA: Green Go), Billy Arnold (AKA: Nothing Selected), Chris Chung (AKA: Melee Boss), and Darrin Claypool all were in attendance. About half of them were at the ArenaNet offices during the ceremony, while the other half joined from home.

Says Tami of the couple’s decision to wed in Tyria, "We've all put so much of ourselves into the Guild Wars world, I couldn't think of any better place to have our wedding."

Jess Lebow, World Designer and spiritual counselor for ArenaNet, presided over the wedding, administering the vows.

"It was a wonderful day for a beachside ceremony," said Reverend Lebow. "You couldn't have asked for better weather."

At the end of the ceremony, Tami and Joe traded Monk skill rings, symbolizing their eternal commitment to each other. We at ArenaNet wish the newlyweds the best of luck in their new life together.