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News Archives - June 2003

Another Accolade 23 June 2003
The newest issue of PCGamer features their impressions of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where Guild Wars is listed amongst the "20 Best Games E3." Find a most informative article and three in-game screenshots on Page 26 of the August 2003 issue.

Top 10 Game at E3 20 June 2003
Computer Gaming World, in their August 2003 issue, has cited Guild Wars as one of the "Top 10 Games from E3." In the E3 Superguide on page 58, the editors speak of the game's "action-packed adventures in private battlegrounds" and then go on to describe Guild Wars' unique leveling system. On page 60, CGW has posted a second screenshot of Guild Wars, and the game is mentioned again, within a brief article about MMORPG's.

Best of Show! 03 June 2003
In another exciting update in conjunction with E3 2003, Guild Wars have received one of the Best of Show awards presented by Wargamer. Read their Guild Wars previews, which now display our sparkly awards plaque, both here and there.

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