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News Archives - July 2003

Guild Wars Featured in Article 30 July 2003
In a feature article in the September issue, Computer Gaming World highlights Guild Wars as one of the "bitchin'-est MMORPG's around." CGW comments positively on the variety of gameplay modes and the mission-based concept behind Guild Wars, and cites the no monthly fee business model as a standout feature.

FAQ Updated 28 July 2003
Our Frequently Asked Questions section was given a few updates today, based on letters received from fans. If you are curious about system specs or Internet play, or if you've wanted a bit of information about forming a fansite, head over to our Guild Wars FAQ page and look for the red "new" flags.

Founders Interviewed 08 July 2003
Top on over to HomeLAN to read a new interview with the ArenaNet Founders. Topics include character development, mission gameplay, a bit of Guild Wars history, and info on the network backbone and streaming technology. You can find the interview right here.

Game Site Redesigned 07 July 2003
Welcome to the new Guild Wars website! We hope you'll like our new design, and of course as always we welcome your questions, comments, and feedback. Drop us a line any time.

New Interview Posted 04 July 2003
Jonric of RPG Vault, a division of IGN, sent over some great questions for the ArenaNet Founders, and we gladly obliged with answers about the game content, guild support, development timelines, business model (yes, we really mean "no monthly fees" and we tell how it will be done) and several other subjects. Catch the interview here.

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