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News Archives - August 2003

Guild Wars Team Interviewed 29 August 2003
Members of the Guild Wars development team were recently interviewed by Game Helper. Follow the link from their main page and see what we have to say about skills and settings, gameplay and guilds, and even more.

ArenaNet Site Redesigned 21 August 2003
We're pleased to show off the new design for our ArenaNet Corporate site. Head on over to and revel in the spiffy new look!

New First Look 06 August 2003
Another magazine has heard the siren call of Guild Wars. GamePro Magazine has published a mini-preview that outlines some of the unique features of the game. They also make a positive comment about our "no monthly fee" concept, and give it their vote of confidence by saying "The ArenaNet folks helped create Blizzard's, so they've done the free online thing before." Find the First Look on Page 48 of the September issue.

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