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Site Updates Aplenty 26 November 2003
We've expanded our Community Section today to add a news page for fansites. Click the Community flag on the left-hand nav bar, or this direct link into the Community Section, and from there visit Fansite News or any of the other section offerings. Those who have Guild Wars fansites, or are contemplating creating one, will find the Fansite News page of value now and in the future.

And you may also notice we have a new Press Section, as well, on which you can follow our growing list of media coverage for Guild Wars.

Guild Wars & the Future of Gaming 14 November 2003
Predicting the future is always a fascinating endeavor. Gamespy has addressed the subject in the final installment of their eight-part series, "From MUDs to Mainstream: The History of MMOG's." Guild Wars Design Lead Michael O'Brien was invited to share his thoughts, along with others in the industry. Read the article for views on where the industry is heading in the coming years.

Latest Q&A Posted 11 November 2003
As you may recall, The Wargamer selected Guild Wars as an E3 2003 Best of Show award recipient. In a just-concluded interview, the ArenaNet founders answer several questions about Guild Wars, with topics ranging from quests to guilds to our universal server concept. Find it all on this link.

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