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News Archives - January 2004

New Fansite on Board 30 January 2004
ArenaNet is pleased to announce that Stratics, the Massively Multiplayer Network, has created a new fansite for Guild Wars and opens today with two new exclusive screenshots. Check out the site, and the forums, over on this address.

Snowy Sneak Peek 29 January 2004
Today's screenshot presents a first look at one of the new regions of the Guild Wars world, still in early development. Put on your gloves and muffler, and come see our snow setting, over in The Gallery.

Professions Section Added 27 January 2004
Care to learn a bit about some of the professions in Guild Wars? Want to get a peek at a few skills and abilities? Head on over to our new Professions Section!

Developer Roundtable 26 January 2004
ArenaNet recently took part in an RPG Vault Roundtable featuring a look back at 2003, with a focus on the remarkable games of last year as well as lessons learned and industry trends. Find the Roundtable here.

New Screenshot 22 January 2004
Today's in-game screenshot shows a special area within one of the Guild Wars quests. You'll find this new image in our Gallery.

New In-Game Screenshots 15 January 2004
Today's screenshots present a view of a few new and exciting developments, including the first look at our male player character as well as an action shot of a fearsome new monster. Head on over to the Gallery for a look at all the images.

Guild Wars in 2004's Top Ten 13 January 2004
The cover feature in the February 2004 issue of PC Gamer presents the editors' picks for "The Top 10 Games of 2004." Guild Wars is one of their choices, and is presented in a preview on Page 40.

More New Images 07 January 2004
We've added another nine new in-game screenshots to our Gallery. These unaltered screenshots present views of the game world that display our in-game glow technology. The Gallery will be updated frequently, so check back often for new views of Guild Wars.

Art Gallery Updated! 02 January 2004
We are excited to start the new year with new Guild Wars screenshots. Head over to the Gallery for a look at some of the environments and monsters you will encounter in the world of Guild Wars. You will also find more game information and additional images in PC Gamer's February 2004 issue, which will be on newsstands January 13th.

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