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News Archives - February 2004

Female Necromancer Introduced 27 February 2004
Today's screenshot presents the premiere image of a Guild Wars' Necromancer. Check out her portrait over in the Gallery.

Guild Wars Preview in Play Magazine 25 February 2004
The March issue of Play Magazine features an extensive interview about Guild Wars accompanied by several images. This two-part series, "Guild Wars: High adventure goes free-roaming," will be continued in the April Issue of Play.

Charr Stalker Revealed 19 February 2004
Our screenshot today presents a brand new Guild Wars creature: a member of the slaver Charr race. Find him over in our Guild Wars Gallery.

New Battleground Shown 12 February 2004
Today's in-game screenshot shows a new competitive battlefield in the Guild Wars world. Head to The Gallery for a look.

Female Character Presented 06 February 2004
We are pleased to present a new screenshot with the first-ever look at one of the female character models in Guild Wars. Visit our Gallery to see the latest in-game image.

Guild Wars E-zine Issue #2 02 February 2004
Have you visited yet? This dedicated fansite offers up a great e-zine about Guild Wars every month. Issue #2 is fresh off the presses, so head on over to check it out.

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