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News Archives - April 2004

Ranger and Lynx 29 April 2004
One of the skills of the Guild Wars Ranger is the ability to charm different creatures. Our new screenshot shows the ranger with her pet, a charmed lynx.

Guild Wars Preview 29 April 2004
GameSpy has posted an extensive preview of Guild Wars based on hands-on gameplay and an interview with the team that took place this week. You'll find that coverage and several exclusive new screenshots here.

Lore & Concept Art Part 5 27 April 2004
A new vignette from the Guild Wars short story is presented in our Lore section. Devona and her party have traveled to a new region of the world, as portrayed in the concept images that accompany Part 5: The Wilds.

Stone Summit Beastmaster 22 April 2004
Today's screenshot features a Necromancer and Warrior battling a Stone Summit Beastmaster. Find the shot in our gallery.

Lore Part 4 & Concept Art 20 April 2004
Today's installment of the Guild Wars short story is called The Dwarves. It is presented in our Lore section, and the accompanying concept art can be found over in the Gallery.

E3 Event Press Release 19 April 2004
The official press release for our E3 for Everyone event has been posted in our Press Section. You'll get more information about the event on the press release, and additional details are provided on our E3 for Everyone page.

E3 for Everyone! 16 April 2004
We are pleased to announce that Guild Wars will be featured in the NCsoft booth at E3 this year. E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the largest trade show for video games in the world. We're planning an exciting event in conjunction with the show, called E3 for Everyone. Read more about this event here.

New Lore and Concept Art 13 April 2004
Another vignette from the short story set in the Guild Wars world is presented in our Lore Section. The Shiverpeaks is illustrated with more Guild Wars concept art, which may also be found in our Gallery.

Guild Wars Combat Screenshot 12 April 2004
Today's in-game image presents a combat shot, in which a warrior takes on two members of the Charr race. Find the shot in our Gallery.

New Fansite Interview 12 April 2004
Our Elite Level Fansite, The Guild Hall, has posted their interview with the Guilds Wars team. It's interesting reading, which you will find here.

Lore and Concept Art Updates 07 April 2004
The Lore section has a new chapter in our short story set in the Guild Wars world. Read The North in our Lore Section, and enjoy more new concept art over in The Gallery.

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