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The Ranger 28 May 2004
Today's screenshot features the Ranger. Wearing his Drakescale Armor, he is shown against the backdrop of the Stormcaller Quest. Find this new portrait in the Gallery.

E3 Poster Art! 25 May 2004
Fresh from E3 2004 comes new poster art for Guild Wars. You may recognize one of these images as the art used as the background loading screen during our E3 for Everyone event, and both served as decoration for our meeting room at the show. Find the poster art in our Poster Gallery.

The Forgotten 20 May 2004
Our newest screenshot has been added to the Gallery. It features the Forgotten, a serpentine creature who inhabits the arid regions of the Guild Wars world. Click here to view the image.

E3 for Everyone Press Release 20 May 2004
A press release has been issued containing a summary of the Guild Wars E3 for Everyone event. It may be found here.

Memories of E3 2004 19 May 2004
A photo album of shots from the E3 floor is available over in our Gallery. Check out our competitive and demo areas and take a peek at the other pods where Guild Wars was shown, on these pages.

See our Press Page for links to E3 Previews and other coverage.

E3 for Everyone Wrap-up! 15 May 2004
We would like to thank the hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world for joining us during the E3 for Everyone event. It has been an incredible week, and we hope you have enjoyed the Guild Wars experience. We'll have frequent updates about Guild Wars and news about our Beta Test in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone for making the event such a success!

Stone Summit Invasion! 13 May 2004
The newest Guild Wars screenshot features the Lightclaw Griffon. Tonight the Griffons have started streaming out of the mountains, invading villages at the foothills. What evil is driving them from their homes? Join us in the E3 for Everyone demo to find out. You can find the new image in our gallery.

Guild Wars "E3 for Everyone" Live! 10 May 2004
Due to overwhelming response to our E3 for Everyone event, we are pleased to announce that you may begin your Guild Wars experience early. Come, join us in Guild Wars now!

Download the client here.

E3 Gameplay Guide Available 10 May 2004
NCsoft and ArenaNet would like to thank the gaming community for the overwhelming response to the E3 for Everyone Event. We would like to announce the immediate availability of the online Guild Wars player’s guide. You'll find helpful information on character creation, professions, quests and arenas, and much more on this link.

Newest Preview Posted 07 May 2004
The latest Guild Wars preview is by IGN, providing an overview of everything from the game's visual experience to the diversity of gameplay options. Find the preview, and a half-dozen new screenshots, on this link.

E3 for Everyone Teasers 06 May 2004
Today's screenshot duet presents the alpha and omega of your E3 for Everyone experience. You will begin at the Great Wall of Ascalon, and, with good fortune and skill, may end with victory at the Hall of Heroes.

Lore Part #6 05 May 2004
The sixth vignette in our Guild Wars short story presents a combat scene set in the fabled Tombs of Drascir. Read the story here and enjoy the new concept art that illustrates it, also found in our Concept Art Section.

Pre-E3 Interview 05 May 2004
The latest Q&A with the Guild Wars team is posted on HomeLAN. The questions center around our upcoming E3 for Everyone event, and you can find those questions and answers here.

E3 for Everyone Update 04 May 2004
As the time approaches for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and our worldwide E3 for Everyone event, coverage of Guild Wars has increased greatly. For a current list of download sites offering the game client, please see our Download Page Section.

And don't forget to check out our many fansites, listed in the Community Section, for an increasing amount of information about the game. For an excellent pre-event player's guide, be sure to read Issue #5 of the Guildmaster Photics e-zine.

Press Tour Preview 04 May 2004
During a recent press tour, Gamespot also took part in a bit of hands-on gameplay. Find their preview here.

E3 for Everyone Download Available 02 May 2004
We're pleased to announce that the Guild Wars client for our E3 for Everyone event is now available for you to download. Head over to this page to get the client, and feel free to set up your account, too. Once you have the client, you're more than welcome to email it to friends and guildmates in preparation for the May 12th start date. See you soon in Guild Wars!

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