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News Archives - June 2004

Gamespot Interview 29 June 2004
The newest Developer Q&A is presented over at Gamespot. The interview discusses guild features, the Guild Wars expansion model, and the game's four modes of play. It is illustrated with half a dozen screenshots, and can be found here.

New Monster Revealed 25 June 2004
Today's screenshots features a member of the Undead in an evocative swamp setting. View a portrait of this new creature here.

Fansite Friday No. 3 25 June 2004
The third in our series of Fansite Friday Mini-interviews has been posted by one of our Official fansites, Guild Wars OGaming. The questions involve guild rewards, new skills, and developmental innovation. Read the newest mini-interview on this link.

Weekly Wallpaper 23 June 2004
Today's Guild Wars wallpaper features a sword-bearing Warrior. Find the latest in our series of desktop decorations over in the Gallery.

IGN on Guild Wars 23 June 2004
Having just returned from a visit to ArenaNet, IGN offers a new preview that gives info on the development process and map building, impressions of the game world, and insights on strategic play. You can locate the preview here.

New Lore and Concept Art 22 June 2004
The second installment in the Guild Wars story: The Battle for Kyhlo, is posted in our Lore Section. The story is accompanied by concept art of the Warrior and of a few of his weapons.

GameSpy Hands-on Preview 22 June 2004
Following a recent visit to ArenaNet, GameSpy has posted a write-up on the current state of the game, the newest region, and player-versus-player experiences. The preview calls Guild Wars, "a gorgeous massively multiplayer fantasy game with a completely different flavor," and can be found here.

Fansite Friday #2 18 June 2004
The team over at has posted their mini-interview, Number 2 in our Guild Wars Fansite Fridays series. The questions touch on group play options, community input, and trade skills. Locate the Q&A here.

Character Trio 17 June 2004
Today's screenshots is set in the Kingdom of Kryta and features the Necromancer, Warrior and Elementalist in one of the upgraded armor sets for their professions. You can check out the shot over in our Gallery.

Warrior Wallpaper 16 June 2004
We have placed another in our series of Guild Wars wallpapers in the Image Gallery. This desktop features the Warrior, and is available in a variety of sizes on this link.

FAQ Updated 15 June 2004
We've updated the Game FAQ with several new questions and answers, and with a number of updates to other questions as well. Check it out here.

First Fansite Friday 11 June 2004
We've started a new feature with the growing number of Guild Wars fansites: The Fansite Friday Mini-Interview. Each Friday a different fansite will have the opportunity to pose three questions to us. The first of these features is available on RPGStars.

New Kingdom Revealed 10 June 2004
Today's screenshot is the first look at the Kingdom of Kryta, an area of the Guild Wars world that is very different from the Ascalon we've seen in previous images, or which we experienced during the E3 for Everyone event. Find the screenshot here.

New Guild Wars Wallpaper 9 June 2004
Our wallpaper update for the week features the male Ranger. Based on the poster art from E3 2004, the image may be found in a variety of sizes on this page.

Community Update 9 June 2004
We've updated the Community News page with a long list of new fansites who have joined the Guild Wars family. If you haven't checked the fansite listing lately, take a look; and there are more to come!

Also, be sure to check out the monthly Photics ezine, Issue #6, with its fine E3 for Everyone wrap-up and review.

Magazine Preview of Guild Wars 8 June 2004
Guild Wars is a featured title in the July issue of Computer Games Magazine. Based on a studio visit and hands-on gaming, the preview covers subjects ranging from design philosophy to the look and feel of the PvP and cooperative gameplay experience.

New Lore and Concept Art 3 June 2004
Today's story is a prequel to the six chapters of the Guild Wars short story that came to a conclusion last month. For a peek at the history that precedes the Guild Wars, visit the Lore Section.

New Character Wallpaper 2 June 2004
Our Wallpaper Section has been expanded today with the first of several new Guild Wars desktops. Featured first is the Female Elementalist. Enjoy!

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