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News Archives - August 2004

Fansite Friday #12 27 August 2004
The Fansite Friday Mini-Interview for this week is hosted by the Guild Wars Stratics site. You'll find info on game world size, exploit resolution and various kinds of animal life in Tyria over on this link.

Undead Army Battle Scene 26 August 2004
A Warrior and his comrades-at-arms take on an cadre of the Undead Army, including a mesmer, monk, sorcerer, associated ghouls and their mounted leader. Find the shot here.

Guild Wars Pre-Order FAQ 25 August 2004
For those who have questions about the Guild Wars Pre-Order, we have answers! Head on over and get the information you need in the Guild Wars Pre-Order FAQ.

New Wallpaper 25 August 2004
Our wallpaper for this week features a blend of one of the newer pieces of concept art and a recent character render. Find the desktop of A Monk in Kryta here.

Fansite Friday #11 20 August 2004
A new Fansite Friday mini-interview is now posted over on this week's host site, Rageblade. Topics include personal favorites for character skills, post-ascension incentives, and mission/quest rewards. The site offers the Q&A in both German and English, and you may find it here.

Artistry of Guild Wars Part Two 20 August 2004
The continuing series on Gamespy entitled "The Artistry of Guild Wars," has a new chapter. The new installment has a focus on a different region of the Guild Wars world: The Wilds. Find the preview, with many concept and screenshot images, in this direction.

Community News Updated 20 August 2004
ArenaNet is pleased to relay news about a few of our fansites and their placement with the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. Find the report on our Community News Page.

Guild Tabard Preview 19 August 2004
Our screenshot for this week introduces the first of many guild features into the game. Three heroes of different professions are modeling upgraded armor and their newly-acquired guild tabards. Find the portrait here.

New Guild Wars Preview 19 August 2004
A new preview of Guild Wars is presented on the Yahoo Games Domain site. Find the preview, and a few E3 gameplay clips, over on this link.

Wednesday's Wallpaper 18 August 2004
Feel like something new in desktop d├ęcor? Head over to the Gallery for a new wallpaper featuring the Guild Wars Warrior against an Ascalon background, or click here for a direct link.

The Protectors of Kryta 17 August 2004
Today marks the start of a new Guild Wars short story, a multi-part tale that takes place in the Kingdom of Kryta. Find the first installment, illustrated with two new pieces of concept art, here.

Fansite Friday #10 13 August 2004
We've reached double digits with the Fansite Friday Mini-interviews. Our 10th Q&A focuses on the social aspects of Guild Wars, item auctions, and the future of Guild Wars. It's now available over on the Photics site. While you're there, check out the Guild Wars e-zines that Photics has been producing; they make an excellent read.

Combat Beneath the Watchtowers 12 August 2004
Check out today's screenshot to see the masked Ranger take on the Hellhound, a member of the Undead army. The newest screenshot can be found on this page.

Guild Wars Feature 11 August 2004
A new feature has begun on Gamespy, called The Artistry of Guild Wars. Offering concept art, screenshots, and commentary by the artists, this week's focus is Ascalon and Kryta. Other regions will be discussed and illustrated next week. Find the feature here.

Ascalon Wallpaper 11 August 2004
The newest in our series of regional wallpapers is available for your download. This desktop presents the shattered kingdom of Ascalon and is offered in a variety of sizes. Click through to the newest wallpaper, or visit our Gallery for a large selection of images.

World Preview Event Announced 9 August 2004
ArenaNet and NCsoft issued a press release this afternoon announcing the Guild Wars beta. We're excited to reveal our plans for the upcoming Guild Wars World Preview Event which will take place October 29th through 31st.

For fans waiting to experience Guild Wars, or hoping to revisit the game world after our E3 for Everyone Event, this is your chance! Guild Wars will enter its beta period immediately following the World Preview Event, as outlined in the press release. Find all the details here.

Fansite Friday #9 6 August 2004
Our Fansite Friday interview for this week takes place with The Guild Hall. The questions are about game longevity, profession and skill design, and elite skill theory. Find it all on this link.

PvP Action in Fort Koga 5 August 2004
Check today's screenshot for a view of intense player-versus-player combat in Fort Koga, where a warrior and monk combo take on a powerful necromancer and mesmer team. Find the shot here.

Art and Music Q&A 5 August 2004
A new interview is available on Gamespot with a focus on the art and music of Guild Wars. Learn about the inspiration and execution of these two critical game design elements in the feature, linked here.

Guild Wars in Onlife #2 4 August 2004
The second Onlife feature on Gamespy features a bit on Guild Wars. You'll find it on this page.

Kryta Wallpaper 4 August 2004
With a new Wednesday comes a second wallpaper in our Guild Wars World desktop series. Today's image is set in a tropical region; you can practically hear the seagulls and feel the balmy breezes of Kryta. Head over to this link to find the wallpaper in your choice of sizes.

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