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News Archives - September 2004

Temple Battle 30 September 2004
In today's screenclip, combat action unfolds in the Temple of the Unseen. What starts as a one-on-one battle suddenly becomes much more complex with the surprise appearance of several creatures from the Undead Army. Find the screenclip here.

New Wallpaper 29 September 2004
Today's wallpaper features a look at another Guild Wars profession. A male and female mesmer are detailed against a hidden area of the Northern Shiverpeak Mountains. You can catch this newest desktop image here.

Fansite Friday #16 24 September 2004
This week's Fansite Friday mini-interview is with Legendary Wars. Find the questions — on day/night cycles, profession archetypes and large-scale PvP battles — on this link.

Shiverpeak Screenshot 23 September 2004
In a village set in the snowy region of Tyria, a warrior melees a Dolyak Rider as her elementalist companion rains down a firestorm spell. Find the newest screenshot here.

New Wallpaper 22 September 2004
This week's character-themed wallpaper shows a pair of warriors against an Ascalon background. Find it here.

Screenclip #3 21 September 2004
With today's screenclip, you catch an action-filled moment as a trio of combatants fight a root burrower in a jungle setting. Click through the image on this page to start the download.

Pre-Order Q&A Updated 20 September 2004
The page that does its best to answer all your questions about the Guild Wars Pre-Order has been updated with lots of new or revised information. Check it out here.

Guild Recommendation Program 20 September 2004
The Guild Recommendation Program is designed to provide gaming guilds with the opportunity to test Guild Wars through a recommendation from one of our Official or Elite Fansites. The sites involved thus far are The Guild Hall, GWOnline, Guild Wars OGaming, and RPG Stars. A few additional fansites will be added soon. If you belong to a guild who is interested in testing Guild Wars, we encourage you to visit these sites for information about the recommendation program.

Fansite Friday #15 17 September 2004
This week's mini-interview is hosted by another European site, Jeux Online. We invite you to read about game masters, item distribution and specialized skills in Fansite Friday #15.

Arachnophobes Beware! 16 September 2004
While traversing a narrow canyon in The Wilds, a necromancer, monk, and ranger have been surprised by an attack of giant spiders. Find the latest screenshot here.

Ranger Wallpaper 15 September 2004
The newest desktop offers the Guild Wars ranger, both female and male, in a steamy, jungle setting. Find the download here.

Second Screenclip 14 September 2004
We're offering our second Guild Wars Screenclip today, a moving screenshot that presents a pair of guildmates taking on several Undead monsters in the Tomb of Primeval Kings. Enjoy!

Pre-Order Shipped! 13 September 2004
We've issued a press release with details of today's shipment of the Guild Wars Pre-Order package. Find all the details on this link, and start finding the pre-order package on store shelves in the next few days. For questions about the Guild Wars Pre-Order, please see our World Preview Event FAQ.

Guild Wars Game Client Available 13 September 2004
The game client for Guild Wars is available for download now. Accessing this 90KB client will allow you to acquire game assets over the course of the weeks leading to the Guild Wars World Preview Event which begins October 29th. Find the client on this page.

Fansite Friday Fourteen 10 September 2004
This week's mini-interview is hosted by Guild Wars Tactics, one of our newer fansites. Questions on skill acquisition, avoidance tactics and the game economy are the order of the day in FF#14.

Armies of Guild Wars 10 September 2004
A new series on IGN begins today. The Armies of Guild Wars has as its first focus the brutal force known as the Charr Army of the Kingdom of Ascalon. The feature is found here.

Introducing Guild Wars Screenclips 9 September 2004
We're happy to bring you a new medium for experiencing Guild Wars: The screenclip. These moving screenshots will be an occasional feature of our site, along with our regular offering of screenshots and wallpapers. The premiere screenclip features Player-versus-Player combat in the Hall of Heroes.

Non-Wednesday Wallpaper 9 September 2004
Our wallpaper for the week has a Necromantic theme. View the male and female incarnations of this sinister profession against a swamp setting here.

The Art of Guild Wars 7 September 2004
The final chapter in the Gamespy feature, The Art of Guild Wars, features The Rift, the final resting place for the spirits of legendary heroes. Find the article here, and the full index of all the art features there.

Fansite Friday the 13th 3 September 2004
Fansite Friday #13 involves questions presented by Guild Wars Europe on guild features, methods of purchasing the game, and item customization. Find the questions and answers here.

EGN Warcry Preview 3 September 2004
Out of EGN, the European Games Network show in London, comes a new Guild Wars Preview by the Warcry staff. Read it here.

Death and Resurrection 2 September 2004
Our new screenshot displays a combat scene. As the Charr horde moves forward, archer and warrior allies attempt to hold off the masses in order to give the monk time to cast Resurrection on his necromancer party member. Find it here.

Two Guild Wars Articles 1 September 2004
Guild Wars was featured in two major articles today. The first is a Gamespot piece out of the European Games Network show in London, England, which you can find here.

In addition the third chapter of The Art of Guild Wars series, featuring the snowy region known as the Shiverpeak Mountains, is presented on Gamespy. Check it out on this link.

Character Wallpaper 1 September 2004
Our newest wallpaper is a study of the female warrior. Find the desktop, in a variety of sizes, over in this direction.

PAX Show Report 1 September 2004
Guild Wars was a featured title at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Bellevue this past weekend. We have a brief show report and a handful of photographs of the on-floor activities here.

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