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Fansite Friday #30 28 January 2005
This week's Fansite Friday is with our first of two Spanish-language sites, Guild Wars Hispano. Topics include new chapter concepts, ready-made characters, guild benefits, and a bonus question on server locations. Find FF Numero Treinta aquí.

News on February BWE 27 January 2005
We have posted news about the February Beta Weekend Event on our Events Page. On the same link, we offer a list of sites that will be offering BWE Access Keys for February. This list will be updated frequently, so check the page often.

Emblem Contest Deadline Extended 27 January 2005
In order to allow extra time for international mailing, we have extended the deadline of the Guild Wars Guild Emblem Contest. The new deadline is February 17th. So artists — confer with your muses and enter! Find details of the contest here.

Wednesday Wallpaper 26 January 2005
A new character portrait joins the Wallpaper Gallery. This week's desktop features the lovely Elementalist, and you can nab the version best suited to your configuration over on this link.

Guild Wars Wins Awards 26 January 2005
Over 70,000 votes in 12 categories have been sorted, counted, and validated. And in the recent poll on Massive Multiplayer Hell, Guild Wars won as both the Most Anticipated Massive Multiplayer Game and the Most Anticipated Fantasy Game. Read all about it here.

Guild Wars Preview 24 January 2005
A new preview has been posted over on Experience Gaming. The three-page preview shares impressions gleaned from participation in all the Guild Wars events and can be found here.

Fansite Friday #29 21 January 2005
This week's Fansite Friday asks about a possible game exploit, whether a popular form of character will be available upon release, and what it's like working together on the Guild Wars team. Find the answers over on Guild Wars Center, in our 29th Fansite Friday.

2005's Most Wanted Games 20 January 2005
GameSpy released the list of their 20 Most Wanted games of 2005, and Guild Wars made the grade. Read all about the game they believe "should really shake up the way that people look at persistent online worlds," here.

Weekly Wallpaper 20 January 2005
This week's wallpaper is a close-up portrait of the female Necromancer. Find the new desktop over on this link.

Wedding in Tyria 18 January 2005
During the World Preview Event, Guild Wars hosted its very first wedding. ArenaNet artist Tami Foote and her fiancé, Joe Perreault, exchanged their vows on a sunlit Krytan beach. Find the story in our Fan Events section, here.

Post-Event Fansite Friday 14 January 2005
In the wake of this month's Beta Weekend Event, we've culled a list of questions from around the fansite community, and present them to you as this week's Fansite Friday Interview. Learn the answers to questions that fans are asking — about development and future events — right here. And next week, a new member of the GWCFP will be hosting FF #29.

Pair of Previews 14 January 2005
Two websites have posted new Guild Wars previews based on last week's Beta Weekend Event. Find the first at GameZone and the second over at RPG Vault.

Inquest Article 13 January 2005
A new preview about Guild Wars is presented in the February 2005 issue of Inquest Gamer Magazine. The magazine will be hitting shelves soon, and you'll find the preview on the top of page 66.

New Wallpaper: The Ranger 12 January 2005
Our Wednesday Wallpaper is a study of the Female Ranger in an area selected from the Kryta region of Tyria. Select your choice of desktops on this page.

Post-Event Reports 12 January 2005
Following on the third Beta Weekend Event, which concluded on Sunday night, are two reports, from Counter Frag and from HomeLAN, as well.

NCsoft Wins Award 12 January 2005
We are happy to note that our publisher, NCsoft, was the recipient of the Publisher of the Year award from the Vault Network.

Beta Weekend Event Concludes 10 January 2005
The third monthly Beta Weekend Event closed as the clock struck Midnight last night. This event included previews of the new questing system and the GUI. We thank everyone for attending BWE Three, and invite your feedback, comments, and suggestions on our many Guild Wars fansites.

IGN on Guild Wars Questing 7 January 2005
New developments in the quest system for Guild Wars are detailed in today's article on IGN. While the many thousands currently enjoying our Beta Weekend Event can get a small preview of this novel system firsthand, everyone can read details of this new "defining point of Guild Wars" here.

Beta Weekend Event Begins 7 January 2005
This month's Beta Weekend Event began early Friday morning and will continue until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. We hope to see you in the event, which you can access via a Guild Wars preorder or, if you're fortunate, with a key provided from this month's partners, found on this list.

For those joining the Beta Weekend Event, you will find new guides and helpful content over on several of our fansites, including and Guild Wars Ogaming. Enjoy!

Fansite Friday No. 27 7 January 2005
Our Fansite Friday for this week is another Beta Weekend Event Special Edition. As you know, BWE #3 begins today, and we have culled the top three questions from throughout the Guild Wars community. They are asked, and answered, in FF #27.

Wednesday Warrior Wallpaper 5 January 2005
This week's wallpaper features the Guild Wars Warrior. Start the New Year with a fresh desktop by downloading from this page.

Guild Wars on "A List" 3 January 2005
Computer Games Magazine has listed The Most Anticipated Games of 2005, and Guild Wars is included in this prestigious group. Find the Guild Wars section on page 33 of the February 2005 issue of CGM.

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