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Fansite Friday #53 29 July 2005
Questions from Norwegian Guild Wars fans, gathered and hosted by our Guild Wars Nor fansite, make up this week's Fansite Friday mini-interview. The discussion is forward-looking, and focuses on trade prices and functionality, the guild interface, and upcoming chapters of the Guild Wars story. Find FF #53 here.

New Summer Update Shots 28 July 2005
Our weekly pair of Summer Update: Sorrow's Furnace screenshots features a brooding view of Grenth's Footprint and a combat shot taken from the depths of Sorrow's Furnace. Find the shots on this link.

New Weekly Feature 28 July 2005
Starting this week, we will be presenting updates from our community fansites on the Fansite News page. We will keep you informed about site expansions, new features, and much more of note on a weekly basis. Check the Fansite News page every Thursday for the latest from the global Guild Wars community!

Wallpaper Wednesday #50 27 July 2005
This week's release hits the half-century mark for Wallpaper Wednesday images. And with a retrospective feel for the anniversary of the series, we feature art from the first-seen region of Guild Wars, the Ruins of Ascalon. Find your choice of wallpapers on this link.

Brand the Bosses Contest Ending Soon! 27 July 2005
This Friday (July 29th) is the final day for entries in the Brand the Bosses contest, and there's some good news associated with this. It appears that the Stone Summit Dwarves are present in Grenth's Footprint and Sorrow's Furnace in even larger numbers than originally reported. Therefore, we will most likely be choosing extra names for the bosses in that region. If you haven't entered, head here for information on how to do so. And look for the announcement of winners by August 10th!

Guild of the Week #12 26 July 2005
This week's featured guild is the United Legit Gaming Guilds, ULGG, a guild that has participated in a number of well-known games since their formation in 1997. Read all about them here.

Fansite Friday #52 22 July 2005
Our weekly mini-interview takes place with Crossing Tyria, and covers faction, Guild Wars merchandise, Ranger pets, and the possible expansion of character customization options. Click through to FF #52.

A Pair of New Screenshots 21 July 2005
We have another set of Summer Update: Sorrow's Furnace screenshots for you. One is an interior shot, and the second shows a one-on-one combat scene in an exterior setting. Find them here.

Wednesday Wallpaper 20 July 2005
This week's screenshot is an early concept of the entrance to Sorrow's Furnace. A variety of desktop sizes can be found here.

Guild of the Week #11 19 July 2005
This week's Guild of the Week feature focuses on the French guild Forgotten Goddess. This guild was one of the leaders of the recent French guild tournament for Guild Wars players, (results here). Learn more about Forgotten Goddess on this page.

European Guild & Tournament News 18 July 2005
The biggest European on-line league ESL (Electronic Sport League) has added Guild Wars to their leagues. The ESL starts their Guild Wars activities with a 8on8 Guild-versus-Guild Opening Cup, and guilds can join from anywhere in the world. Find info here.

There is also a very active group called Erste deutsche Guild Wars Liga (First German Guild Wars League) with more than 100 guilds and 1,600 players involved. Find out more on this link.

Fansite Friday #51 15 July 2005
This week's Fansite Friday mini-interview is with a Dutch-language fansite, GW-NL, or De Guild Wars site van Nederland. The questions and answers are about massive monsters, renaming rights, and tournaments, plus there's a tiny bonus answer about Guild Wars Chapter 2. Find the interview here.

New Summer Update Screenshots 15 July 2005
Two new screenshots are available today. These images offer another look at the Sorrow's Furnace explorable area, which will be part of our Summer Update: Sorrow's Furnace that will be available free to Guild Wars players in the coming weeks. Find the shots linked from the Sorrow's Furnace Gallery Page.

Guild Wars Updated 13 July 2005
Guild Wars has been updated today. The changes include improvements to henchmen, minions, spells, and several other facets of the game. In addition, many improvements to the interface have been implemented as well. Find out all about the newest game update in the Game Update Notes.

Wednesday Wallpaper 13 July 2005
An unrelenting sun casts its searing light on an intriguing Crystal Desert structure in this week's wallpaper. Your choice of sizes and aspect ratios are available on this link.

New Guild Wars Reviews 11 July 2005
A bevy of new Guild Wars reviews have been published. You will find them on the following sites:

Brand the Boss Contest! 8 July 2005
As summer heats up, so does the anticipation for the Guild Wars free Summer Update: Sorrow's Furnace. We invite you to take part in our newest fan contest, the Brand the Boss contest. Think you can come up with a clever name for a Stone Summit Slaver? We want to hear from you! For all the details, click through to our Brand the Boss contest page.

Fansite Friday hits Fifty! 8 July 2005
This week's Fansite Friday mini-interview is a bit different: We've turned the tables and taken the opportunity to interview several of the webmasters of Elite and Official Guild Wars fansites. Find the questions and answers, on inspirations, reactions, and future desires, on this link.

The Fansite Friday Interviews have spanned a year of Guild Wars development and include several special events, release, and future views of the game. A full list is available in our Press Section.

New Screenshots 7 July 2005
Today we offer two new screenshots taken within the explorable areas that will be featured in the Guild Wars free Summer Update: Sorrow's Furnace. Find one image from Grenth's Footprint, and one from Sorrow's Furnace, in The Gallery.

Wallpaper for Wednesday 6 July 2005
Our wallpaper for this week shows a detail from a larger piece of concept art for Sorrow's Furnace. You can select your choice of wallpaper sizes on this link.

GOTW #10 5 July 2005
Our featured guild for this week's Guild of the Week article is The Valandor, a guild whose member all hail from Finland. Get to know Straga, Slimmy, Grub, and the rest of the gang by clicking here.

Two Concerns Addressed 4 July 2005
A growing concern has developed about the in-game promotion of websites that contain a key logger or other malicious software. We are taking action on this sort of in-game advertising, often with the assistance of players who submit reports through

We would like to remind players that they should never download external programs relating to Guild Wars. Even if not directly advertised as a "cheat" or "exploit," there have been cases of purportedly harmless utilities containing harmful trojans or other programs. Players can help prevent possible damage or account loss by avoiding all third-party programs.

We have also undertaken direct action to deal with the increasing number of auctions of in-game items for real-world currency. It is strictly against the policies of Guild Wars and NCsoft to allow such sales, and we will continue diligently to close such auctions.

Fansite Friday #49 1 July 2005
Our Fansite Friday mini-interview for this week is with another new Guild Wars Site, Guild Wars @ Alienpod. The questions cover official tournaments, new guild features, and a world character search utility. Find the Q&A over here.

French Tournament Begins July 2nd 1 July 2005
A tournament is taking place amongst a large number of French Guild Wars Guilds. You can find more news about it on this link. We will be listing the final results soon. To all participants, Bonne chance tous !

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