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Guild Wars World Championship Announced 29 September 2005
In a press release today, we proudly provide the details of the first Guild Wars World Championship. Find the press release here. We also offer a full page with additional information about this event, which you can locate on the following link.

Gamespot Interview 28 September 2005
Gamespot has posted a new Guild Wars interview today, and the topic is the second chapter of the Guild Wars saga. Find the Q&A on this link.

Guild of the Week #18 27 September 2005
This week's featured guild may have one of the most interesting names in Tyria: The Pirates of BBQ Bay. Avast, me hearties! Come sail the uncharted waters of this week's GotW.

Guild Wars World Championship Unveiled 26 September 2005
We are pleased to announce that the qualifying season for the first Guild Wars World Championship will begin this week. In preparation, the Guild Wars Ladder will be reset at 12:00 am PDT (7:00 am GMT) on October 1 to start the first ladder season. This inaugural season will last three months and will culminate in regional playoffs among top-ranked guilds in each of America, Europe, and Korea, followed by the global Guild Wars World Championship, a live event to be held early next year. We'll be making a formal announcement on Thursday with further details.

Prior to the October 1 ladder reset, we will be updating Guild Wars with a comprehensive set of skill balance changes to refresh the competitive landscape.

Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest 26 September 2005
Guild Wars fans are invited to express themselves in a seasonal manner in our new contest, The Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest. Your options are many — from costume design to pumpkin carving — and the prizes are terrific Guild Wars wearables. For more information, visit our Events Section.

Fansite Friday #60 23 September 2005
We've posted up the concluding half of our collaborative Fansite Friday interview, with questions mostly in a PvP theme. Find the questions and answers here.

1,000,000 and Growing! 22 September 2005
ArenaNet and NCsoft today announced that Guild Wars has sold in excess of one million copies in the United States and Europe, and that sales numbers continue to rise. You will find the press release on this link.

Guild of the Week #17 20 September 2005
We offer another Guild of the Week article today, this one featuring Eternum Pariah, currently ranked No. 1 on the Guild Wars Ladder. Read about EP and peruse some of their winning strategies on this link.

ESL Tourney Round Two 19 September 2005
The second round in the International ESL Guild Wars tournament is set to begin on September 26th. Find out more on this page. Good luck to all the participating guilds!

Fansite Friday #59 16 September 2005
This week's Fansite Friday Interview is a post-Update Q&A based on fan questions submitted, by invitation, through numerous Guild Wars fansites. We received so many good questions that we're running this as a two-part series, with the second half due next Friday. Find FF#59 here.

Guild of the Week #16 13 September 2005
This week we relight the guild spotlight with the sixteenth in our continuing focus on the guilds of Guild Wars. The subject is Dynasty Warriors, a predominantly European guild with a decidedly Asian theme. Read about them in the latest GotW article.

IGN Creature Feature 9 September 2005
A new IGN article on the Sorrow's Furnace Update focuses on the monsters that inhabit the new explorable areas of Guild Wars. Find out about these formidable creatures, and see new concept art and screen captures, here.

Jeremy Soule Interview 9 September 2005
A new interview with Guild Wars composer Jeremy Soule has been posted on IGN. Find out about the composition process, Jeremy's sources of inspiration for the new Sorrow's Furnace mini-pak, and much more by visiting this link.

Fansite Friday #58 9 September 2005
Our Fansite Friday mini-interview for this week is with a Danish fansite, Guild Wars Denmark. Questions cover "leavers," character changing, and guild affiliations. Find it here.

Wallpaper of the Week 8 September 2005
This week's wallpaper shows a blending of concepts for the fiery depths of Sorrow's Furnace. Find your choice of wallpaper sizes and aspect ratios, and decorate your desktop with something befitting of the latest Guild Wars update, right here!

Interview on IGN 8 September 2005
Another interview on the subject of the Sorrow's Furnace Update has been posted on IGN. The subject is the story of Tyria and of Sorrow's Furnace itself. Follow the link to read the interview with Jess Lebow, World Designer for Guild Wars.

Welcome to Sorrow's Furnace! 7 September 2005
We're happy to announce the release of the Guild Wars Sorrow's Furnace Update. The update introduces two large explorable areas that offer Guild Wars players many new experiences and rewards. You can read about the update on this link and of course can experience all that the new regions have to offer you by joining Guild Wars now. We'll see you in Tyria!

Update Notes Posted 7 September 2005
The Update Notes for the Sorrow's Furnace Update have been posted. They outline the many significant changes that have been incorporated into this major free update, including incorporating the PvP Extreme Faction reward levels on a permanent basis, refreshing and rebalancing skills, and adding a large number of exciting new elements to the game. Check out the Update Notes for details.

An Offer of Note 6 September 2005
In conjunction with the Guild Wars Sorrow's Furnace Update, Composer Jeremy Soule has produced more than 25 minutes of wonderful original music specifically for the new explorable areas. Direct Song offers this Official Music Add-on for Sorrow's Furnace as a free download for Guild Wars players. You can obtain the complimentary musical mini-pak by heading to the Direct Song site.

IGN Previews Sorrow's Furnace 6 September 2005
If you want a peek at some of what's in store for you with the Sorrow's Furnace Update, head over to IGN to read their detailed preview. Three pages long, illustrated with six new in-game screenshots, the preview can be found on this link.

Update Notes Expanded 2 September 2005
Guild Wars will be updated on Wednesday, September 7, to incorporate the free Sorrow's Furnace Update. At that time, significant balance changes that affect the game economy will be made. We've posted a brief note on these future changes on the page that contains the Game Update Notes.

Fansite Friday #57 2 September 2005
A new Fansite Friday mini-interview took place this week with Der Geheime Aussenposten, a German-language fansite. The questions concerned roleplaying support, character modification, and access to the Fissure of Woe and how it may be offered more evenly. Find the interview here.

Screenshot Duo 1 September 2005
Sorrow's Furnace, and its accompanying explorable area Grenth's Footprint, will open to Guild Wars gamers on September 7th. A pair of new screenshots of Sorrow's Furnace is offered today in our Gallery. The shots show two views of combat within the subterranean depths of the depleted mine. Find them here.

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