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October Tournament Rules 28 September 2007
While players and guilds continue to battle it out in the September season of the $100,000 Guild Wars Tournament series, we're now able to offer you a preview of the rules for the October season. Find the schedule, the map rotation, and the all-important prize list here.
State of the Game: Splits: Chapter One 27 September 2007
This week we are bringing the State of the Game to you on Thursday instead of Monday. It kicks off the first in our series of coverage on split tactics and focuses on the "siege maps". Find the article here.
GW:EN Avatars Offered 26 September 2007
Many of our players enjoy posting in fansite forums or chatting via Internet messaging programs. Now, you can personalize your messages by using one of nine new Guild Wars: Eye of the North avatars being offered for download. These mini-icons feature a variety of well-known characters, including Gwen, Pyre, Vekk, and the lovely Livia. Grab your set now!
$100,000 Tournament Series September Championships 26 September 2007
This weekend offers the last chance to earn qualifier points for this month's championships. The final GvG September Championship qualifier will start at 05:00 GMT on Saturday, September 29. The final 1v1 August Championship qualifier will start at 08:00 GMT on Sunday, September 30. You or your guild must have at least 20 qualifying points (QPs) in order to participate in this weekend's championships. Competitors will vie for prizes from ATI (Event Sponsor) and Creative (Contributing Sponsor) as well as other cool goodies that are part of the more than $10,000 in prizes offered each month! The GvG championship starts at 17:00 GMT on Saturday, September 29 and the 1v1 Championship starts at 17:00 GMT on Sunday, September 30.

Don't forget to go to the Xunlai Tournament House to make your predictions on who will win these championships. (Predictions can be made right up until the start of each event.) Pick the winners and you'll receive Tournament Reward Points, just like the competitors!
Guild of the Week: The Blitzers 25 September 2007
Members of the Blitzers are a friendly group, and frequently inject their own friendly events and roleplaying into the game. Featured players hail from Europe and Australia. Read about their stories here.
Third Annual Halloween Art Contest 24 September 2007
It's that time of year again: Time to don your Skullcap of Wisdom, choose a category, and decide witch of your batty ideas will stand more than a ghost chance of winning the Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest. Make no bones about it, winners will get no tricks, lots of treats, and a place of honor on our official website, too. Read the contest page to scare up the details, and enter by October 15th!
Wednesday Wallpaper 19 September 2007
In respect to player requests, we're going to be offering occasional Guild Wars wallpaper images, based on renders and concept art from throughout the Guild Wars franchise. The first wallpaper, offered here, features the Guild Wars: Eye of the North box art. Enjoy!
PC Gamer Ultimate Guild Wars Guide 18 September 2007
PG Gamer has published a Special Guild Wars Issue that is scheduled to appear on store shelves in North America on September 25th, but which a few lucky players have already gotten their hands on. This magazine—the first of its kind for PC Gamer—contains 50 pages of art, a GW:EN walk-through, PvP tips, inside info on Guild Wars 2, and a new exclusive miniature! Find out more here.
Challenge Ladder, Xunlai House All Clear 18 September 2007
We have resolved yesterday's glitch with the Challenge Ladder and Xunlai Tournament house, and all is well. If you cast your votes in the Xunlai House in the last three days, we suggest that you vote again to assure that your choices are properly archived. Thanks for your patience as we worked through this issue.
Guild of the Week: eE 18 September 2007
The newest in our GotW series spotlights Electronic Empire, a European PvP guild that although small in numbers has consistently claimed a place in the top 100 of the Guild Ladder. Read about the members, and get a few tactical tips, here.
Challenge Ladder & Xunlai House 17 September 2007
A database error previously identified in the Challenge Mission Ladder has also created a problem in voting via the Xunlai Tournament House. The team is investigating the problem and hopes for a resolution of the matter very soon.
State of the Game: GW:EN & the Metagame 17 September 2007
Check out this week's State of the Game article for an early appraisal of how Guild Wars: Eye of the North, and its new skills, have effected the overall guild-versus-guild experience. Find the article here.
Guild of the Week: CV 12 September 2007
This week's featured guild is a mixed PvP and PvE guild with a leaning towards the PvE side of the game, and with an emphasis on hosting creative and fun guild activities. Read this week's GotW to learn more about The Charter Vanguard.
State of the Game: The Secondary Profession 10 September 2007
We're resuming our weekly State of the Game articles with an interesting assessment of several Guild Wars professions and their special contributions when played as a secondary. Find the new SotG here.
Xunlai Tournament House Reopens; Double your Chances to Win 7 September 2007
The Xunlai sponsor a system that allows you to make predictions about the outcome of big competitions, such as the upcoming monthly GvG and HvH Championships. Now you can predict the results of the upcoming GvG and HvH championship and then cheer your favorite players and guilds to victory. If your predictions are correct, you can win Tournament Reward Points like the competitors do! The Xunlai Tournament House will accept your predictions now through the start of the next Championships (September 29 17:00GMT for GVG; September 30 17:00 GMT for HvH). Make your predictions and then watch the September Championships to see if you've won!
GC Speech 7 September 2007
At the recent Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, ArenaNet Co-founder Jeff Strain presented a speech entitled "How to Create a Successful MMO". Many players have requested a full transcript of the presentation, and we're happy to provide the full text of the speech here.
NCsoft Europe Offers GW Merchandise 2 September 2007
NCsoft Europe has opened their Guild Wars store, and is offering t-shirts, a mouse, an iPod Nano, and more. Check out the store for more information. ArenaNet will be offering other Guild Wars merchandise in October, so check back then for more goodies!
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