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Halloween Greetings 31 October 2007
The Guild Wars team wants to wish you a Happy Halloween, and invites you to stop by Kamadan and Lion's Arch today to visit with Mad King Thorn and get your share of the holiday treats. The maniacal monarch's remaining visits begin at the following times today: Noon, 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM; and his final visit will begin right around 12:01 AM tomorrow, November 1st. (All times are Pacific time zone, which is -7 GMT.) You can get further details here. Hope to see you there!
Guild of the Week: LoC 31 October 2007
Elite Lords of Chaos is a PvE guild that engages in interesting activities both in the game and outside of it. LoC is certainly the first Guild Wars group we have heard about that offers a book club and a sociology class. Find out about this diverse and unusual guild here.
Halloween Art Contest: Winners Announced 30 October 2007
Our third annual Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest has been another roaring success, and we're proud to announce the winners today. Hoist a Witch's Brew, an Absinthe, or another beverage of the holiday to the many Guild Wars players who scored wonderful prizes by sharing their seasonal spirit through all kinds of terrific art, from baked goods to ceramics to costumes for the whole family (human or canine). Go check the winners page to figure out what the heck we're going on about. And best wishes from the Guild Wars team for a happy, treat-filled Halloween!
Bonus Mission Pack: Final Call 30 October 2007
Players who are interested in acquiring the free Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack must complete their qualifying purchase(s) through the Guild Wars In-Game Store or the PlayNC Store by 11:59 PM Pacific (-7 GMT) tomorrow, October 31st. If you spend at least $29 (€26/£17) in the store during the promotion period, you'll get access to the pack when it is released in November. The Bonus Mission Pack contains missions that involve four pivotal moments in Guild Wars history. Find details here.
October Tournament Results 29 October 2007
Last weekend's October season playoffs of the $100,000 Tournament offered exciting games and interesting outcomes. Murder Za went undefeated in the 1v1 Elimination Round, and Delta Formation had a perfect record in the Swiss and the Elimination Rounds of the GvG playoffs. Find the October results here, and congratulations to all who placed. The November season is underway; log in and play your way to some of more than $10,000 in prizes!
State of the Game: Remember When? 29 October 2007
Where most State of the Game articles take a look at the current Guild Wars metagame, this week's article takes a look back at the near and sometimes distant past to ask the question, "Remember when?" Read the retrospective here.
Lots of Tournament News 26 October 2007
Here's news about the Guild Wars $100,000 Tournament Series:
  • September's prizes can now be claimed through the in-game Xunlai Agent. Proficient predictors—step up to get your goodies!
  • This weekend, remember to catch the playoffs on Observer Mode. See the October schedule for the times and matches.
  • Remember to make your playoff predictions in the Xunlai Tournament House so you can get your mitts on tournament rewards, too!
  • And check out the new November rules and prize list here.
Guild of the Week: ocho 24 October 2007
This week's featured guild—Los Chavos Del [ocho]—began as a PvE guild, but then moved on to PvP, where they are currently player a strong leadership role in the Latin-American PvP community. Read about the guild here.
Halloween Festival Approaches! 23 October 2007
Prepare yourself for a fun, frolicsome Guild Wars Halloween! Starting on Friday of this week, Kamadan and Lion's Arch will begin displaying their seasonal decorations and the all-new Halloween Brawl will open. You will spot a new NPC or two, and you'll note an eerie shift in some of the usual townsfolk, as well. Then on Wednesday, October 31st, both towns will host several visits from everyone's favorite monarch: Mad King Thorn! See the festival page for more information. It's going to be a boo-tiful event!
Xunlai House Predictions 23 October 2007
This week's article on competitive play—offered in lieu of the State of the Game article—presents two Guild Wars PvP reporters making their predictions for the October championships of the $100,000 Tournament Series. Check out the article, then head to the Xunlai Tournament House to make your own predictions. You may score great in-game prizes!
Bonus Mission Pack Interview 17 October 2007
We have a new designer Q&A for you today. If you'd like to learn more about the upcoming Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack, read the interview with Colin Johanson and find out a bunch of inside info about this exciting new content. The BMP will be released in November.
Guild of the Week: Liar 16 October 2007
Truth in advertising, or just a splashy name? Liars Cheats and Thieves is a guild with a novel name but traditional goals: earning Vanquish titles, forming groups for Hard Mode, and seeking out rare items. Read about this guild here.
Xunlai Tournament House Reopens 16 October 2007
The Xunlai house will accept your predictions for the October GvG and HvH Championships starting today. The more players and teams you correctly place in their order of finishing, the more Tournament Reward Points you'll earn. The Xunlai Tournament House will accept your predictions now through the start of the Championships: October 27 at 18:00 GMT for GvG; October 28 at 18:00 GMT for HvH. Make your predictions now!
State of the Game: Split Build — Part 4 15 October 2007
The State of the Game article series on Split builds wraps up with this fourth installment, covering Isle of the Dead, Frozen Isle, Isle of Jade, and Nomad's Isle. Read the article here.
New Wallpaper 12 October 2007
Is it an effect of the end of the week doldrums, or has your desktop really been lacking that sparkly new feel lately? Bear up! We have a new wallpaper image for you. Check out the Norn Bear in a variety of ratio and resolutions, and enjoy fresh new Guild Wars goodness!
It's Mini Mania Time! 9 October 2007
Following the announcement of an ongoing magazine promotion that offers the chance of winning a Guild Wars miniature to players in several European countries, we're happy to let players in the United States and Canada know about a sweepstakes just for them. Check out our contest page for details on how to register for the Guild Wars Mini Mania contest, which offers you a chance to score special in-game miniatures, such as Vizu, Zhed Shadowhoof, and Shiroken Assassin!
Guild of the Week: TIG 9 October 2007
The Imperial Guards is a large but highly-structured alliance of ten guilds whose members represent a variety of age groups and who come from various countries around the world. TIG guilds engage in missions and quests and also make a frequent appearance in Alliance Battles. Read about them here.
State of the Game: Splits—Part 3 8 October 2007
This week's State of the Game article is the third of a four-part series. This chapter covers Burning Isle, Isle of Weeping Stone, Isle of Wurms, and Isle of Meditation. Check back next week for the concluding chapter in the Split series.
Tournament Match Reports 4 October 2007
With the conclusion of September's $100,000 Tournament Series finals, we bring you detailed coverage of two Hero Battles. We offer a report on the final confrontation as well as an analysis of one of the semi-finals, which features Ekelon, winner of the past three monthly championships.
September Tournament Results 2 October 2007
We congratulate the winners of the September $100,000 Tournament Series. The Guild-versus-Guild winner was Rebel Rising, continuing their winning ways from last month, and I Fretty I, who placed 3rd last month, takes the victor's crown for September in the Hero-versus-Hero battles. Find the full winners list here. The October series has already begun, so jump in and start staking your claim at $10,000 in prizes!
Guild of the Week: GWOnline [GWO] 2 October 2007
GWOnline, formed during the original Beta Weekend Event, is an established guild within the Guild Wars community and has a strong forum presence online. Members are a blend of serious players tempered with plenty of parties and fun. Read more about this well-known community here.
State of the Game: Splits: Chapter Two 1 October 2007
Peruse the second installment of our State of the Game split series for coverage about thief-less maps, such as Corrupted Isle, and more open maps, such as Uncharted Isle. Find the article here.
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