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Guild Wars Holiday Commercial 30 November 2007
Keep an eye on the television and you might glimpse some Guild Wars holiday cheer! For the next few weeks, GameStop is running a special holiday commercial on many major cable stations featuring popular Eye of the North Heroes.

If you don't have cable access or you want to view the video now, check it out here.
Bonus Mission Pack Now Available 30 November 2007
For those who have qualified, the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack is now available to play! To access the four new bonus missions, speak with Durmand[Historian] in Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center, or Kamadan. Once you have done so, you'll receive special story tomes that are filled with detailed histories and provide entry into the missions.
November Tournament Results 29 November 2007
Congratulations to our November $100,000 Tournament Series winners! Heart of Ashes and Dust [HaND] claimed this month's GvG victory and The Getaway Special took the victor's seat for Hero Battles. Find the full winners list here and the highlights of each exciting final match in our November match reports. As an added bonus, check out tournament skill statistics in our November Series Playoffs skill usage charts.

Remember that the December series has already begun. Due to the holiday season, the playoffs will take place two weeks earlier than usual, so don't forget to jump in now and start staking your claim at $10,000 in prizes!
State of the Game: Shaking Down the Shake-Up 26 November 2007
This State of the Game article covers the early impact of the recent balance changes on competitive play, including party-wide healing options, flag running, Monk backlines, Spiritway, and Assassin splits.
December Tournament Rules 23 November 2007
While players and guilds continue to battle it out in the November season of the $100,000 Guild Wars Tournament series, you may preview the December season rules. Find the schedule, the map rotation, and the all-important prize list here.
The Scribe: Tantalizing Treats, Historical Events, and Recognition 20 November 2007
Disproving rumors of his having taken a vow of silence and refuting tales of his untimely demise, The Scribe has reported in from his travels with a fresh news scroll. Find out about the latest doings, and catch up on kindly acts, in the latest issue of The Scribe.
Guild of the Week: DOE 20 November 2007
Check out this week's Guild of the Week article to meet the Dragons of Eisengard, a family-oriented, fun-loving guild with an emphasis on PvE. In the midst of completing missions and titles, they always take time to enjoy the story and scenery that Guild Wars offers.
October Tournament Skill Charts 19 November 2007
Whether you're curious to learn which skills high-level players are using these days, or if you're just wondering which of those skills hit you during last month's tournament, you'll find these details and more in the October Series Playoffs skill usage charts.
MMO 2008 Calendar Available Now 16 November 2007
To benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, our friends at MMO Portal have published the 2008 edition of their MMO Calendar. All proceeds from the sales of these calendars go directly to the children's hospital to fund research programs.

Starting now, you can visit their website and purchase one of these calendars with stunning images from various online games, including Guild Wars! As a special thank you for purchasing a calendar, placing an order enters you in a drawing for a copy of the Guild Wars: Platinum Edition!

Why are you waiting? Head on over to buy one now!
Guild Wars Merchandise Available 16 November 2007
We are thrilled to announce the new Guild Wars Gear section of the Penny Arcade store! Be the first on your block to own limited edition Guild Wars art prints. Show off your inner Charr with a fearsome t-shirt that'll make your party members green with envy, or sport the lovely "Ladies of Tyria" top, instead.

You can also keep friends and family warm this festive season with hot new official hoodies and t-shirts, available for a limited time at a special reduced price at the PlayNC Merchandise store! Head over and pick up a bargain today!

See a comprehensive list of products here.
Unlock Pack Particulars 14 November 2007
As promised a few weeks ago, the Guild Wars PvP Packs are back and they're better than ever! We've got info for you today about our PvP Packs, with specifics on the benefits they offer you as a player and the scoop on how for a limited time you can score the packs for half price! Find the details here.
Guild of the Week: UJ 14 November 2007
Head over to this week's Guild of the Week article to get acquainted with United Jedi, an international guild that has a six year history and an interesting approach to leadership. The guild plays PvE for the most part, but also gets involved in PvP, especially Team Arenas.
Guild Wars Holiday Promotion 12 November 2007
For a limited time only, when you purchase Guild Wars: Eye of the North through the Guild Wars in-game or PlayNC Store, you can acquire one of the three Guild Wars campaigns at 50% off. This is a great chance to pick up Eye of the North and get a great deal on Guild Wars, Factions, or Nightfall, too. Find details here.
State of the Game: Talking Skill Balance 12 November 2007
This week, Isaiah Cartwright, skill balancer for Guild Wars, and Ensign, an active champion of Guild Wars PvP, discuss the topic of skill balance. Check out their thoughts on the current balance, the ideal balance, and more, in this week's State of the Game article.
Wintersday Contest! 8 November 2007
The 2007 Guild Wars Wintersday Art Contest offers a new opportunity, and we think you're going to love it. This year, we are asking for your design ideas for one of the helms that will be awarded during the Wintersday Festival in December. What a great opportunity for you to make your mark on Guild Wars holiday history! And what a great way to earn a marvelous prize package, too, because Ideazon—creators of the brand new Guild Wars Zboard—is the contest sponsor! Find all the tasty details here.
Mini Mania: Round 1 Winners 9 November 2007
We've held the first of three rounds of random drawings for the Guild Wars Mini Mania contest and you'll find the winner's list linked from the contest page. Congratulations to the 125 October winners from throughout North America who will soon find themselves the proud owners of an uncommon, rare, or ultra-rare Guild Wars miniature! Winners — look for your prize-bearing email within the week.
Guild of the Week: AUS 7 November 2007
The United Aussie Warriors is one of the largest, oldest, and most active Australian guilds active in Guild Wars. AUS focuses primarily on PvE, but engages in Heroes' Ascent on a regular basis, too. The guild maintains a highly-organized structure for membership management, and is already starting to plan their move to Guild Wars 2. Read about AUS here.
State of the Game: Interview with DF 6 November 2007
The winners of the October Championship—Delta Formation—take part in a post-victory interview in this week's State of the Game feature. DF members tell us about their guild history, their rivals, and up-and-coming guilds; they also give gameplay suggestions to other PvPers. You can find the article here.
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