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Daniel Dociu Interview 30 April 2008
The folks over at the architectural blog, BLDGBLOG, have posted an interview with our Art Director, Daniel Dociu. In this article, Daniel discusses what inspires him and provides detailed insight into the creation process of many of his pieces. Head over to the blog to see what Daniel has to say.
Guild Wars Anniversary Sweepstakes 28 April 2008
The third anniversary of Guild Wars is here! To thank all of you for another awesome year, we're holding a sweepstakes. You have a chance to win fantastic prizes, including an Alienware laptop. Read all about it here.
April PvP Predictors 25 April 2008
For April, we bring you the predictions and analysis of Jakal Storm, a regular monthly contributor. Check here to see how Jakal thinks the tournament will play out, and why.
Celebrate Three Years of Guild Wars 24 April 2008
You're invited to the party as we celebrate the Guild Wars Third Anniversary! The festivities include a brand new reward after finishing the Hell's Precipice mission in the original campaign, boardwalk games at the Shing Jea Monastery, and starting April 28, third birthday presents for characters created on this date. Join us for the celebration, starting April 24!
Third-Party Tournament News: 2008 RAWR Cup Wraps Up 22 April 2008
The 2008 RAWR Cup recently finished, with full third-party sponsorship and organization. We're happy to see this healthy competition among our players. In fact, one of our contract writers, known as Billiard (who also advised on the committee for this second RAWR cup), covered the event and wrote a summary for us. Find it here!
Guild Wars and Sarah Brightman 8 April 2008
As some of our eagle-eyed players have noticed, Symphony, the latest album from world-renowned vocalist Sarah Brightman features art from Guild Wars. Several months ago Ms. Brightman approached ArenaNet Art Director Daniel Dociu, feeling that his art style was a great match for this album. The album and website include concept art from Guild Wars, as well as original art created specifically for Symphony.

For more information, visit the official Sarah Brightman website.
Welcome Regina! 7 April 2008
We'd like to introduce the newest member to the Guild Wars community team. Her name is Regina Buenaobra, and she starts today! She's created a user page on the wiki, so check it out.
Farewell Party Starts 4 April 2008
Join us this weekend for an exciting farewell party for our community relations manager, Gaile Gray. This extravaganza will extend from Noon Pacific (-7 GMT) today until Noon Pacific on Monday, April 7, so mark your calendars and party hearty! Find all the details of this one-time event here.
April Xunlai Tournament Predictions 4 April 2008
It's that time again! The Xunlai Tournament House is accepting predictions for the April tournaments. If you'd like a chance to get your predictions featured in this month's PvP Predictors article, be sure to send us your winning picks. Get all of the details here.
March Automated Tournament News 3 April 2008
Rebel Rising [rawr] wins the GvG tournament! Rebel Rising is a familiar guild to see in competitive play and has won several gold capes. In Hero Battles, Pls Patch Crossing defeated Cs Element to take first place. Congratulations to all our winners.

The final match reports are now available, as are the complete tournament standings, the updated tournament rules, and the ever-popular skill usage charts. Enjoy!
Andrew's New Role 2 April 2008
Andrew Patrick has decided he will be moving on from community to QA. Read all about his decision and wish him well on his new role at ArenaNet.
Midline PvP Guide Concludes 1 April 2008
Mark Yu of Delta Formation [DF] returns for the third installment of his series covering the midline in GvG. In this article, he covers the synergy between Rangers and Mesmers. Find it here.
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