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Chinese Community Localization 24 September 2009

We'd like to announce an exciting opportunity for Guild Wars players who speak Traditional Chinese! We've created a way for you to submit localized content for skill names and descriptions. If you would like to help, check out this page on the Official Guild Wars Wiki. Please note that we are currently focusing on Traditional Chinese skill names and descriptions only.

Skill Bar Contest Winners Revealed October 1 24 September 2009

We received a huge number of entries to the Henchman Skill Bar Contest—more than 30,000! We're still reviewing all of the submissions, so we've moved the announcement of the contest winners to October 1st. We're sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

The Art of Guild Wars 2 - NOW AVAILABLE! 23 September 2009

This incredible hardbound collection of Guild Wars 2 concept art is now available for sale! Head over here to pick up your copy today.

Community: Discussions and Awesome Tunes! 18 September 2009

Interested in Guild Wars discussion? Love music? Tune in to the Ascension Show this month on! For more details, check out Community News!

Kill Ten Rats Interview Posted 18 September 2009

Guild Wars Live Team Lead Designer Linsey Murdock and Guild Wars 2 Game Designer Isaiah "Izzy" Cartwright recently sat down with the folks from Kill Ten Rats to discuss Guild Wars combat and the metrics used for skill balance. Head over to see what they have to say!

PAX Videos Are Now Online! 18 September 2009

Couldn't make it to PAX this year? To make sure you didn't miss anything, we've posted videos of our panel interviews from the Penny Arcade Expo on our YouTube channel. Head over to watch discussions about the art of Guild Wars 2, a panel interview with the Guild Wars Live Team, and a lore-filled talk about the upcoming Fall of Ascalon novel!

New Update Now Live! 17 September 2009

Check out our latest game update and read what the developers have to say about it here.

Aion Wings FAQ Updated! 17 September 2009

Due to popular demand, we've made some changes to the Aion wings emote promo. Players who purchase Aion digitally will now be able to get the wings emote for their Guild Wars accounts. Pop over to our revised Aion wings FAQ for more info!

PAX Updates All Weekend! 4 September 2009

PAX is upon us! We'll be posting updates all weekend from the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. To stay up-to-date on the latest breaking news:

If you're heading to the show, be sure to swing by booth #842 in the Exhibit Hall and say hi!

Test Krewe Applications Closing September 8th 4 September 2009

As a reminder for those interested in becoming a member of the Guild Wars Live Test Krewe, the deadline for submitting applications is this upcoming Tuesday, September 8th. If you haven't submitted your Test Krewe application, be sure to do so before then.

Thanks to everyone who has applied! Going through all the applications will take some time, but we'll announce the Test Krewe members as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Guild Wars 2 Art in ImagineFX! 3 September 2009

Check out the August issue of ImagineFX, which features two beautiful pieces of Guild Wars 2 concept art by our very own Art Director Daniel Dociu. Look for this special issue on shelves now!

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