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New Holiday Papercraft: Avatar of Dwayna! 22 December 2009

We saved the best for last—this impressive papercraft model of the Avatar of Dwayna is ready to grace your tree or desk with her serene presence. It's the biggest model we've ever done! Click here to get started.

Community: Player-Run Wintersday Events! 21 December 2009

Our fantastic player community has a bunch of great events in store for the Wintersday season! Read the latest Community News for details!

New Costumes and Wintersday Cheer! 17 December 2009

The preparations for our annual Wintersday celebration begin today! Starting tomorrow and running until January 4th, Wintersday festivities will sweep across Tyria like a chill wind from the Shiverpeaks. Here's what revelers can expect this year:

  • Brand-new for 2009—a unique set of Wintersday costumes are now available in the In-Game Store and the NCsoft Store! Head over to our new costumes page to read all of the details.

  • You've spoken, and we've listened! Costume slots have been added to the character portrait. Now, you can wear costumes over your armor, meaning you can look fabulous in your Dwayna costume or festival hat without sacrificing protection! Learn the details here.

  • Starting tomorrow, our annual Wintersday festival will bring loads of seasonal treats, festive decorations, holiday quests, snowball tournaments, and more! Check out our Wintersday 2009 page for more information.
Wintersday Gifts for Friends and Followers 17 December 2009

Do you follow us on Facebook or Twitter? If not, you should! Over the next few days, we'll be spreading extra Wintersday cheer with early presents for some of our lucky friends and followers. Simply friend us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter (if you don't already, of course), and then watch our updates on these sites for further details. Good luck and happy Wintersday from all of us!

Go Behind the Scenes with the Voices of Tyria 16 December 2009

We've posted a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the voice acting behind Guild Wars 2, featuring top-tier talents like Felicia Day and Steve Blum! Check it out on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Wintersday Approaches! 15 December 2009

Wintersday is almost here! Soon, cities and towns all across Tyria will be decked out in splendid holiday decor, enchanted snowman henchmen will serve your adventuring needs, and vendors will be selling all manner of Wintersday consumables.

The festivities begin on December 18th and run until January 4th, so be sure to clear your calendars! Head over to our Wintersday 2009 event page for all of the details.

New Holiday Papercraft: Rollerbeetles! 15 December 2009

Check out this week's holiday papercraft: rollerbeetles! These speedy little bugs are waiting to be printed out and assembled. Make a whole pack of them! Click right here and we'll show you how.

New Guild Wars 2 Interview at 11 December 2009

Following the release of the new Guild Wars 2 video, we sat down with to discuss the races of Tyria, GW2's massive game world, and more! Read the whole thing right here.

New Holiday Papercraft: Moa Bird! 8 December 2009

This week's holiday papercraft model is the ubiquitous, flightless moa bird! Normally these birds are the size of ponies and fond of pecking, but these paper moas are small and harmless! Make yours today—we'll show you how right here!

New Guild Wars 2 Video: The Races of Tyria 4 December 2009
Experience the Races of Tyria, an incredible new video that looks at the five playable races of Guild Wars 2—asura, norn, humans, charr, and sylvari. Learn more about each compelling race and watch the video here!
Community: Calendar Time! 3 December 2009

In this edition of Community News, we've got a new fan-made video for you to check out, and the glorious return of the Guild Wars Advent Calendar from! For details, click through to Community News.

Guild Wars Holiday Papercrafts 1 December 2009

Just in time for the holidays—a collection of charming papercraft Guild Wars models! We've got paper moa birds, rollerbeetles, a tiny Gwen doll, and a brand-new surprise model that you'll just have to see! They'd all make great tree ornaments.

Print out and make your own paper models—we'll show you how! Click here to get started!

Wintersday Art Contest Begins! 1 December 2009

Spread some holiday spirit and share your creativity with the Guild Wars community! Enter our annual Wintersday Art Contest, which starts today! Head over to this year's contest page for more details.

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