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News Archives - January 2010

Community: Fansite News 29 January 2010

In this update, we've got some exciting news to share from several of our fan sites. Read more in Community News!

New Update: PvP Changes and GvG Updates 28 January 2010

In today's live update, we've focused on resolving several pressing PvP skill balance issues, making refinements to the Codex Arena, and making GvG participation a little easier. Head on over to our newest Developer Update to learn more!

Wintersday Redux! 22 January 2010

Wintersday comes twice this year! Due to Grentchy technical issues with the Festival Hat distribution during the Wintersday finale earlier this month, we're hosting a special encore festival, complete with all the Wintersday activities you love!Wintersday Redux begins at noon Pacific time (-8 GMT) on Friday, January 29th and runs until 11:59 PM Pacific time on Sunday, February 7th. During the big finale, everyone will get another chance to pick up a Wintersday Festival Hat. If you can't make it to the finale, look for special holiday collectors who will exchange Festival Hats for Candy Cane Shards!

Check out our Wintersday page for more info.

Wintersday Art Contest Winners! 15 January 2010

Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 Wintersday Art Contest and a warm thank you to everyone who entered! Find out who won right here!

Digital Arts Workshop with ArenaNet Artists 8 January 2010

Witness the creation of a gallery's worth of art—in real time! FuturePoly's Digital Arts Workshop is a fascinating 5-hour live art demonstration featuring some of the gaming industry's top talent. In this interactive workshop, ArenaNet artists Daniel Dociu, Kekai Kotaki, Matthew Barrett, and more will discuss their technique and create beautiful pieces of digital art, from sketch to completion. A portion of every ticket sale goes to the amazing charity Child's Play.

The Digital Arts Workshop takes place on Saturday, January 23rd at Bellevue College's Paccar Auditorium in Bellevue, WA. To register or learn more, visit the FuturePoly website.

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