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Community: Party in Shing Jea! 25 June 2010

Gaming World Entertainment Network celebrates their website launch in Shing Jea Monastery, and Calaval Elwvyan has some cool videos to share in the latest edition of Guild Wars Community News!

Summer Fun at the Dragon Festival 24 June 2010

It's almost time for the Dragon Festival, the annual celebration of the rebirth of the Empire of the Dragon from the devastation of the Jade Wind. Travel to distant Cantha and join the festivities in the Shing Jea Monastery from July 1st to July 4th, where you'll find games of chance, rollerbeetle races, holiday quests and treats, and a visit from the Emperor himself!

Explore the wonders of the Dragon Festival here!

Live Update: War in Kryta and GvG Changes 17 June 2010

The focus of today's live update is the ongoing conflict in Kryta, but we've also made several changes that address issues in GvG.

To read detailed notes about today's update, head over here. For more information about changes made to GvG and an update on where we're at with upcoming skill balance builds, check out this month's developer's update.

Community: World Cup Mania and More! 11 June 2010

Our German and French communities have some great updates, including a World Cup themed contest from Wartower and a chronicle of the War in Kryta from the French site Univers Virtuels! Find out about these and more in Community News!

May GvG Tournament Results 3 June 2010

May's GvG tournament has concluded, and we have the results! This month, Get Good [GG] defeated The Marvel Superheroes [MSH] to claim the championship. For the complete list of this month's GvG rankings, head over here.

The start of a new month means that the Zaishen Chest will offer a new tonic. Make Zinn proud by using those Zaishen Keys for a chance to find June's Automatonic! To see the full tonic schedule, check out our Zaishen Rewards Calendar.

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