Guild Wars




Fansite Friday #62—Three Questions about GvG
11 November 2005

Many players are curious about certain mechanics connected with guild-versus-guild battles. For instance, what's the damage formula for the Guild Lord? How does "Victory or Death!" work? And how lordly is the Guild Lord, after all? Culled from fan forums are three topical questions that the Design Team has answered with enough facts and figures to thrill even the most stat-minded player.

How much Health does the Guild Lord have?

The Guild Lord has 2400* Health and 5 arrows of Health regeneration.

In addition, the Guild Lord has an ability called “Natural Resistance” which reduces by half the duration of all timed Conditions and Hexes cast upon him. (Many boss monsters also have this ability.)

What is the formula for Guild Lord Damage?

At the start of the game, the Guild Lord can take no more than 50 damage points per second. Over the first approximately 15 minutes of the game, the damage limit gradually increases up to 250 damage points per second.

If the Guild Lord takes damage that would exceed this limit, his amulet heals him for the difference. If the Guild Lord loses Health due to damage-over-time effects or other direct loss of Health, then once every second, his amulet heals him for the amount of Health he lost that exceeds the limit.

The limit increases at a constant rate of 11.6% per minute, starting when the game clock reads 0:00 and the gates open. The limit reaches 100 at 6:19, 150 at 10:00, 200 at 12:37, and 250 at 14:39, after which it remains at 250 for the rest of the game.

What are the mechanics of the "Victory or Death!" scenario?

The "Victory or Death!" mechanic helps bring guild matches to a conclusion in the event that neither guild is able to penetrate the opponent's base and kill the Guild Lord within the first 30 minutes of the match.

When the clock reaches 30:00, the gates of each base will open on their own, and all NPCs stationed in each base will leave their posts and march to the center of the map, usually to the location of the flag stand.

Each of these NPCs carries a Shout skill named "Victory or Death!" The NPCs will use this skill repeatedly starting at 30:00. The skill description is as follows:

Victory or Death!
Energy: 5
Cast Time: 1/4 second
Recharge: 0
For 90 seconds, you deal 25% more damage but have 25% less Health.

The NPCs use this skill whenever they are within Shout range of anyone who is not currently affected by "Victory or Death!" "Victory or Death!" is an area-of-effect spell, and has the same radius as other Shouts.

*Amended after publication; originally erroneously published as 1920.