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2007 Super Fans Announced!

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is going to be great – three days of gaming goodness. ArenaNet will be there in force, of course, as you can see on our PAX Page.

During that weekend, the Guild Wars After-Hours Party is sure to be the hottest ticket in town. At the party, Guild Wars fans will be able to spend a few hours playing games, enjoying snacks and tasty beverages, and nabbing a little Guild Wars swag, too. The After-Hours Party will host twenty very special individuals, proud winners of the Guild Wars Super Fan 2007 Contest.

Entries in the contest arrived from all over the Pacific Northwest, from the Midwest, from the south, the East Coast, and even from Europe. The unique entries portray the wide variety of people who love Guild Wars. We thought you might enjoy seeing a few, categorized by "personality types," if you will.

The Gourmand:

I'd Love to come party with you all, should I bring the Juicy Heket Legs? or the BBQ Chunk of Dragon Flesh? Perhaps some Creme Brulee and Hunter's Ale? I understand this will be held at GameWorks and hope they have real games there, like Nine Rings or the Dragon Arena, no? Perhaps some Rollerbeetle Racing then? Thanks for considering me!

~ Bjorn

The Historian:

Four generations of the Gasten family has served House Caribdus and Ascalon. This duty has expanded with the needs of Tyria and seen us embark on journeys far abroad. It has been too short a span since victory was claimed and we returned home. Now rumors abound from our Deldrimor allies that the Far Shiverpeaks hold more Ascalonians and another evil is stirring to threaten us all. The Gasten family humbly beseeches you to grant us admittance to this great gathering, that we may celebrate our victories and make plans for the coming battles.

~ Lethe

The Technologist:

Cloud of Doom Strike

Terrance and I have a Cloud of Doom. When things are fine for one, the other has no end of technology problems. One evening I was startled by a loud "POP" from my PC. Nothing seemed wrong. When told, he offered the following: "Cloud of Doom Strike. Elite Enchantment Spell. When cast, interrupts all adjacent foes. Does nothing for 1 week. When this enchantment ends, one random electronic item is set on fire for 5 seconds." I made an image (attached) of this amusing spell, and wish to present another Super Fan with it so we may return home cloudless!

~ Andrew

The Healers:

"The couple who games together, stays together" describes the superfan duo of my wife and me. Though it doesn't make up forgetting her birthday, keeping her and her heroes alive when I'm the party healer helps me get out of the doghouse.

We are both physicians and while healing in real life pays better, healing in Guild Wars is easier, won't get you sued, and helps keep the marriage harmonious (see above).

Finally, I am away from home quite a bit, and adventuring on Guild Wars is quality time where we can still communicate, have fun, and grow in our relationship.

Thanks for making a quality game and devoting the time and energy to keep it fresh and exciting.

~ Nelson

One who was Healed:

Honor, Loyalty, and Respect. Three virtues which rule my life. My wife and daughter have their own full GW accounts. Together we fight, and GW has made the relationship with my daughter easy. I have a Warrior whose axe is soaked with the blood of thousands of foes. He has 10 million xp.

April 26 2005 I was 34yrs old and suffered a bad motorbike crash: Broken hips, ribs and damaged shoulder and neck. I was immobilized. Sometimes I felt like I was gonna fall off my nut. My wife came home one day and dropped GW on my lap she said it was a new game and it might take my mind off my insanity. It sat on my shelf for a month.

At first I wanted to write this note in hopes of getting a ticket for my wife and I to the 'superfan' thing, but now after reflecting on what I wrote..I think I'll just say 'Thank you'. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done... Yeah I know this ended up being more than a 100 words.. (We forgive him. :) )

~ Mark

The Almost Romantic:

I was cooking dinner for a date, attempting to make a good evening. Needing the perfect music, I decided to go with the oriental sounds of the Factions soundtrack. During the evening, she asked me if I usually use music from Guild Wars for a mood setting. Busted, not knowing what to say, I had to reply that I was going to see what new skills I could learn in a different campaign. We both had a good laugh from this. Change of strategy occurred and we ended up playing GW till the early morning.

~ Tyler

The Poet:

May Dwayna light my path, Balthazar guide my blades. Grenth grant me balance in pursuit of my quests, Melandru let my arrows glide swiftly. My many tracks are covered by shifting Shiverpeak snow, robes torn by coral frozen into jade. I squint through the forgotten swirling sands of the Arid Sea, echoing the madness of so many secrets buried beneath the land. Lyssa's compassion fills my heart for Elsa, for Tirzah, for Kaya, for others reft by conflict's bitter edge. Kormir give me insight as I strive for the invitation to proudly wear the greatest title of all-- Super Fan.

~ Zach

The Patriot:

I am an exceptional Guild Wars fan because even when I'm underwater in a submarine, keeping my eye on a nuclear reactor, I strategize new builds and worry about what happened to Gwen. Being underway 1/2 the year cripples my addiction, but every time I come home my guildies are waiting for me with a new GW game ^^. Thank You for such a consistently great game, and should you desire it, my first born shall be named Gwen (Rurik will probably cause problems with the Ms so Let's hope it's a girl)

~ Saku

The Underappreciated Hero:

Greetings, overlords of Tyria, Cantha, Elona and elsewhere.

My name is Echo All Your Base, and it has reached my attention that a VIP celebration is to be held at your lair. To my dismay, I found I wasn't a shoe-in invitee, and will take this time to express my utter disgust. TO THINK! - I have defended what's left of Ascalon for four years, and the most reward I get is sweaty Elementalist garb and a date with Alesia (don't EVEN get me started on how THAT went... you can't heal a filet mignon for Grenth's sake...).

Cutting to the quick, I simply DEMAND that you prepare a seat with my name on it. Not feeling obligatory? It would be a shame if the lucky guests you DO decide to invite fell victim to a random meteor, rendering them as useless as that Rurik fellow...

Ah well, duty calls and writing this scroll has turned my boots to boils. Thank you for the... "consideration."

~ John

Super Fans – your notification emails were sent out August 15th. We look forward to seeing you at the show, and at the party! Find more information about this content on the initial rules page.